Is the wedding opening dance mix still popular or dead?

Wedding opening dance mixes can always really brighten up the mood of the evening, but according to some, they are no longer so popular and fashionable. They argue that the power of surprise is no longer as powerful as it was a few years ago. “Back then, our jaws dropped when the engaged couple started a crazy, funny dance to their favorite hits”.

Sharing and social media platforms were not that popular yet, so it was a really new experience for most of the wedding guests.

Is there an alternative?

What is better? To stand/slow down/move through a very slow 6-minute song? (Even if it’s a beautiful love song or waltz…)
OR maybe a crazy surprise dance to your favorite music of the day? For me, who has been dealing with weddings for more than 10 years, the answer is obvious! I/we must admit that a wedding is a very routine event, 95% of the time they follow the same scenario. For age groups in a similar way, with similar programs. There are only bigger differences depending on the country and religion.

Break the fixed & predictable wedding schedule!

Let’s break this routine with something special, which will give your guests a great boost and unforgettable entertainment (regardless of the dance performance). Treat yourself to an experience. Give a memory that will be a pleasure to look back on later and that you will mention with a big smile every time it is discussed at the family table.


Have a big party and have fun at your own wedding! The opening dance is an opening dance because you open the evening party with it. You invite those closest to you to your wedding. What if it goes wrong? Don’t worry, you’re not going to graduate 🙂 (No one knows the choreography but you. If you make a mistake, keep going. No one but you may notice the mistake.) Choose your favorite music/choruses/melodies, including , to which you party during your acquaintance or on one of your dates. Have fun and dance together to these special tunes.

How can you dot the i?

If you want us to create a special mix for you, then simply send us a music list and ask for an offer to create the first dance line-up of your dreams. Would we be happy to help you take your dancing career to the next level?

“If you believe in yourself, you will overcome all obstacles more easily and thus you will dance better yourself. Remember, everyone can be a great dancer! Let’s dance!”

Csilla Brackó / Dancer, Dance Teacher – Choreographer @ ECDS

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Pictures: Dóri Szenás / DóraFilm

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