So that the sound quality of your wedding is professional

Good sound technology can expand our musical horizons. We also find beauty in music that we never imagined.

Listen to your ears!

If you play the same music somewhere else, it’s almost impossible to hear it the same way. The sound system chooses whether people rush to the dance floor or run to the door. With QSC, they are guaranteed to ride the waves of sound quality.

The Legendary QSC K12.2 Series is currently the best in its category in terms of professional sound. It provides studio sound even at low volume. You notice details and instruments in the music that you haven’t heard of before. It is a perfect combination of elegant appearance, excellent sound quality and high level of functionality.

Premium sound quality, minimal design, yet professional appearance.

Feel the music & enjoy the studio sound!

If the sound quality of the party is professional, the atmosphere will rise faster.

Distortion free

Thanks to the limiter, the sound image will never be distorted


Clear sound fidelity even at high sound pressure


Essential for modern and R&B music


Elegant Minimal Design for the Modern wedding

I have to listen to all my music again

Studio experience on the dance floor!

Sárik Péter riport

Opinions of famous DJs

Magonyi L, DJ Free & Gabriel A Dawn riport

99 dB
37 Hz - 1 kHz
1 %

If you like the trembling rumble deep sounds today's music r&b music !

High-End level of listening to music

A subwoofer should be an essential component of every sound system. For events of over 70 people, we recommend it almost without fail! Without a subwoofer, the most superb speaker system is nothing more than a giant with one arm.

The QSC KW181 subwoofer can enhance the music experience without the bass spoiling the overall picture.

Feel the music & enjoy the studio sound!

If the sound quality of the party is professional, the atmosphere will rise faster.

Small size, big performance

DJ Tábor

Perfect sound image

Dock Club

For every style

Vol1 Club

Impeccable tracking is extremely important

Appropriate Acoustic setting

Use the slider and see what changes can be achieved by building + 2 speakers.


In terms of sound equalization, we recommend an arrangement similar to the picture. Thus, the guest sitting close to the DJ Console does not suffer from “hearing damage”, while the guest seated further away will still be able to hear the speeches and enjoy the music program. During a “B” option ceremony, it also doesn’t hurt if you can hear the “YES” in the back row 🙂

More Reviews

Ever since I've been doing solo club concerts, I've been sticking to QSC speakers.
This brand guarantees me high quality and compromise
free sound, both on stage and towards the audience.
Since I have been working with QSC monitors, the
"I can't hear myself" feeling, and 100 percent a
I can concentrate on the audience and the songs.

Kasza Tibi
Tibi Kasza

I immediately heard when we played it for the first time that this was something completely different,
as with the sound systems used so far. More precisely, I have experienced this before, but those are the
speakers were all much larger. And it was a special experience that it was almost sound coloring
I freely heard the sounds that I mixed for myself in the studio

Pély Barna
Pély Brown

I am extremely satisfied with them, both with sound pressure and sound quality. Surprisingly good crates. I really like working with them. One of the best value for money! These days, you can hardly buy such good sound equipment at such a price!

DJ Free
DJ Free
DJ / Producer

QSC is an experience... a bit like an amusement park, full of surprises, but only good surprises! 🙂 Amazing performance, crystal clear sound image delivered at high volume, dynamics without loss. In the last 15-20 years, I haven't come across a single product that was capable of this quality at such a price. A must try for everyone.

Magonyi László
Magonyi L.
DJ / Business Manager

FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Not even in the case of a smaller group. Think about it! Why would a 40-person wedding deserve worse sound quality than a 200-person wedding? Of course, we will not hire an Island Festival truck for a smaller event 🙂
A common misconception is that the more loudspeakers there are in a venue, the louder it will be. Acoustically, we adjust everything so that the party does not suffer from a (sound) deficiency, but at the same time the speeches can be heard in the back rows.

The price largely depends on the number of speakers needed, which depends on the number of people and the acoustic properties of the room. We have a lot of experience in setting up the sound technology of many wedding venues, so there is a good chance that we have been to the chosen venue before. Write exactly where your wedding will be and ask for an offer!today!

If your wedding venue offers lighting, these are usually set to a handful of pre-programmed colors and stay that way…all night…even as guests dance. The static (alternating, but not dynamic because of its monotony) light takes away the energy from the dance floor. We, on the other hand, can start different programs (colors, patterns, movements, device choices) when the party starts, and then, with the push of a button, we can even set a single color light for the entire venue for another event. We run lighting effects in real-time according to the speed and energy level of the music (stops, drops, etc.). The point is that the control is in our hands, so we can adapt to the wedding scenario. Believe me: “It’s worth the extra money”

We highly recommend the QSC subwoofer. This will complete the sound image. It complements the already weak QSC K12s with brutally good sound. Acoustically, two rear speakers for a balanced sound. “You can hear the speeches even in the back row”

Not at all. We use the same speakers at both corporate and birthday parties. Regardless of the type of events. Whether it’s a Christmas year-end event or a crazy private boat party. 🙂 We undertake construction anywhere in the country. The only question is, where will your event be?

No, but it can definitely be beneficial to assess the facilities/possibilities of the room during a site visit. But this is not mandatory. Our entire equipment is designed in such a way that we can assemble it in an absolutely empty room or even in the middle of the desert. (of course, it doesn’t hurt if there is a power source nearby…)

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