Modern lighting technology for your wedding

In some locations, you can create a miracle with 2 candle flames, but sometimes you have to be a little more careful to create the right atmosphere

You've seen this at festivals...

Smart lighting has only been around for a few years, but it’s already gaining huge popularity. The smart lights can connect to and communicate with other DJs, decor and dance floor lighting at the event. Robot lights can move in a 360-degree circle (they can focus on the entire room or only on certain parts of it). Every second of the wedding can be colored. Step into the spotlight during the opening dance, then let the dance floor go dark and let the moving and exciting light shows come, which the guests would rather come to.

“What is modern and elegant lends a sophisticated effect”

Your wedding deserves the best!

We know which tools are essential accessories for a great party!

Moving heads

Fast-paced, party atmosphere

Mood lighting

Wall painting, decorative lights

Hezer - Laser

A New Dimension


What you can't get bored of

Our modern lamps fit perfectly with any decor, including any color scheme you’ve dreamed up.

DO NOT leave it up to the venue to turn the lights on and off!

Different colors suit different events. If the white blue red pink your favorite.

Then white blue red pink set to color.

For example, in the second of starting the surprise dance, we change all the existing lights to blue, and the light of the smart robot lights to soft white. And the projection of the light is directed at the engaged couple on the dance floor. All of this is pre-programmed, so the whole thing is done in a fraction of a second at the press of a button.

Photos: Dóra Szénás – DóraFilm / www.dfproduction.hu

The intimate moment can be made unique by projecting adaptive lights, various figures and inscriptions.

Exciting light shows can be created

Which can even be combined with sounds/effects

Light play

Pre-programmed lightshow

Be a millionaire yourself

Playing with lights

Mood lighting

Take Your Event To The Next Level​

Use the slider and see what kind of change can be achieved just by adding mood lights.​

Create a beautiful atmosphere with our decorative wedding lighting! This lighting technology is especially popular at weddings as opposed to traditional lighting. It gives much more freedom and fits any idea and vision. This is one of the most effective ways to raise the standard of wedding decoration. By adding colored lights, a magical atmosphere is created, which lends life, excitement and a bit of luxury to your chosen location. Thanks to this, we will have that certain “WOW” effect, with which we can impress the guests when they arrive at the beginning of the event.

Elegant lighting makes a great first impression.


The mood lighting together with the lighting technology used for the dance floor is a great combination.

Laser & Hezer

Many people think that lasers are meant for clubs and ravers, but that is far from the case. Laser technology has also developed to such a level that it can be installed mobile anywhere. Turned on at midnight, it can be a huge show element. It’s something that hasn’t happened before… we can also add color to the scenario of the night.

It’s something that hasn’t happened before… we can also add color to the scenario of the night. It is able to move with music, in fact, it is recommended to deactivate the other lights in order to dominate in 3D. It looks special and unique when combined with the heather.

The use of smoke or haze machines is essential for the light effects to be properly enforced, in order to make the light plumes visible. The HAZER MACHINE is an effect machine similar to smoke machines. Its purpose is to generate a uniform mist floating in the air.

The “laser show” is always a really effective visual element of the party.

Make it yours!

Put your stamp on this special day!


Draw on the walls without getting into trouble

FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Not even in a year with a smaller number of people. Think about it! Why should a 40-person wedding deserve a different kind of entertainment than a 200-person wedding? Of course, we will not hire an Island Festival truck for a smaller event 🙂
There is also a common misconception that the more light technology there is on site, the brighter it will be. Our lights come with an intelligent controller. The alternation of colors and devices gives the exciting effect. So each tool becomes a new show item, so to speak. E.g. The robot lamp turns off and the Laser (show) comes on, then a light show with mood lighting, etc.

The number of lamps required may vary depending on the number of guests, the size of the room and the type of layout. However, we have experience in setting up lighting technology for many wedding venues, so there is a good chance that we have already set up your chosen venue before. Request an offer!

If your wedding venue offers lighting, these are usually set to a handful of pre-programmed colors and stay that way…all night…even as guests dance. The static (alternating, but not dynamic because of its monotony) light takes away the energy from the dance floor. We, on the other hand, can start different programs (colors, patterns, movements, device choices) when the party starts, and then, with the push of a button, we can even set a single color light for the entire venue for another event. We run lighting effects in real-time according to the speed and energy level of the music (stops, drops, etc.). The point is that the control is in our hands, so we can adapt to the wedding scenario. Believe me: “It’s worth the extra money”

No, but it can definitely be beneficial to assess the facilities/possibilities of the room during a site visit. But this is not mandatory. Our entire equipment is designed in such a way that we can assemble it in an absolutely empty room or even in the middle of the desert. (of course electricity doesn’t hurt if there’s a power source nearby 🙂 ) We can raise our robot lamps to a height of up to 3.5. Without all kinds of cables and wires. (Many of our lighting systems are battery powered and remote controlled) We only need a stable power source, we will take care of everything else.

We no longer use a smoke machine at all, instead we prefer a more modern technology, the Hezer machine. This is an effects machine “just like” the smoke machine. Its purpose is to generate a uniform fog floating in the air. It has several advantages compared to poorer quality, simple smoke machines. While the fog created by traditional effects and smoke machines only lasts for a few minutes, the fog emitted by the hazer machine fills the space and can even enhance the view for many minutes. It does not have an unpleasant smell, its particles are much smaller than smoke, so it is less likely that the smoke alarm will signal. (On the other hand, it can alarm optical sensors in the same way, which is why we always ask for their deactivation)

We recommend the following for the location:
Cordless, battery-powered mood lighting, which is placed around the perimeter of the entire room by default.
And for the dance floor:
A fantastic triple combination of robot lights, heather-laser-strobe and some more mood lighting.

Lasers are usually divided into classes based on their performance. (it depends on how much damage can be caused with it) up to 3-5 milliWatts, the protective reflex of the eye and healthy instinct will protect you. Even against our will, our eyes blink and we catch our heads. This is a reflex similar to when someone touches a hot object. First she grabs her hand reflexively and then thinks.

No need to worry:
1. We use lasers with a maximum of 2 milliwatts
2. They are never focused in one point (so approx. a thousandth of 2 milliWatts can reach the eye)
3. We comply with the regulations and rules for lasers. We always aim our lasers at head height.

We can assure you that our lasers are safe and fully suitable for residential use.

Not at all. We also bring the same lights to company parties and birthday parties. The program is fully customizable. Whether it’s a company annual review or a crazy boat party 🙂 We undertake construction anywhere in the country, as long as our date is still available.

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