Unique girl request? You’ve never seen this before!

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A really great proposal to a girl is very difficult to plan. You want to be original, but you’ve seen so much… Would you like to realize this special moment free of templates, schemes and clichés?
Are you thinking of something really striking and unique engagement? Do you want her to say YES and get teary-eyed?

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to come up with, plan and organize the perfect proposal… What is romantic, creative and imbued with love? Asking a girl is a more than 100-year-old tradition, but would you be ahead of everyone else?

What makes a girl proposal unique and how? We show you the TOP TIP!
Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with feeling that this event is a big challenge for you. For most men, it is. First of all, you need to find an answer to one question. The question is dead simple: Do you want to pop the question in a traditional way or are you ready to organize a super exceptional surprise? Do you really want to go that extra mile? Do you want to make the moment extra memorable? You can find the solution here!
Below we present a creative and exciting proposal for a girl that is sure to be a hit! Be that as it may, remember that the best girl proposal is the one during which you really capture an intimate moment that will remain an eternal memory for both of you.

One word that best describes the feeling: “magical”

Can we help you with the perfect girl proposal?

Well, YES! And when that certain word YES is said from her, then suddenly the spark of true love “flares up” next to you! Spark machines help to enhance the mood, which not only look great live, but also in photos and videos. Our spark machines can be used both outdoors and indoors without permits. We can install these machines in almost any location without any problems. Just think about what exceptional location you could imagine as the place to propose. Would you pop the big question at the scene of your acquaintance? Maybe your first date location would be the right one? Could you stamp the place where the first kiss took place?
Think and customize it all! Pay attention to every little detail.. take into account that you have chosen what he likes. Do you like beautiful photos? Do lasting spectacular memories mean a lot to him? Then definitely choose the sparks, because you can turn the proposal into such a festive and noble event that not only you, but even she has not dreamed of/seen before…
We carefully, with a high degree of care, ensure that the spark fountain machines have enough space at the chosen location. The temperature of the flame is very low, you can even reach into it, but it is recommended to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from it, so that the special “luminous powder” ejected by the machines does not fall back on you.

This girl proposal will eventually become a great story…

The proposal will establish the foundation of your relationship and will be a perfect story in the future and for your upcoming wedding. The preparation itself will be an immeasurably great story! Remember, if you ask your partner’s hand in marriage in a creative, unique and imaginative way, it is much more likely that they will say YES! Shout your happiness into the world! Everyone should know about this! 🙂

TIP: Pick a favorite spot—whether it’s a fountain, hiking trail, monument, or national park—that has personal significance for both of you. Invite your mutual friends and relatives who are close to you. You can ask them to hide and take pictures or videos of you together. If you are very, very romantic, then prepare in advance with a huge bouquet of roses. If you would like to entrust the recording process to professionals, then ask our professional photographer/videographer, who will record the events with pre-set (even hidden) cameras. +1 TIP: The professionals can even hide a microport under your clothes, so the memory can be even more perfect with the crystal clear sounds!

Is a sparkler like a firework?

No, cold sparklers (like the ones we have) are not exactly the same as regular fireworks. These machines shoot out sparkler granules in a manner similar to fireworks, but their structure/operational principle is completely different. Our machines are easier to use and much safer than traditional fireworks. They can be deployed as desired, which is a huge advantage over fireworks. Furthermore, our machines are automated, so they can be started automatically without having to “manually” ignite them. For this reason, they are not classified as pyrotechnic devices. It looks similar to fireworks, but they do not have the same working mechanism.

“The sight… As he got down on one knee and the sparklers came to life. On one side were the fireworks and on the other were my friends, so obviously I had no choice but to say YES… 🙂 ” – Anita Magashegyi

A third advantage over normal wedding fireworks is that its height and even duration can be digitally controlled. We can adjust the height of the spark to the height of the site. This is another reason why it can be used safely indoors. You don’t have to worry about the ceiling burning down, possibly damaging the venue or any equipment. No need for a large safety zone. It can be safely used in any location where traditional fireworks are not feasible!

That’s a pretty unique proposal idea, isn’t it? Can it be increased?

You can be sure that your love will really appreciate that you spent so much time and energy on this moment. The perfect date and the height of excitement… From planning to implementation, we help make the most memorable moment of your life memorable forever. We offer many event services to our clients so that we can stay with you in the long term and accompany you even until your wedding day.
+ Are you thinking about a ring? There’s also plenty of information here on custom ring design.

If you want to have a girl request that you won’t forget for a long time, then you should visit us as soon as possible. In parallel with the booking of the wedding venues, our services are also booked 1.5 years in advance, which usually affects the weekend days. If you don’t want to miss out, plan for a weekday and don’t be late! Find out how to make a reservation, the available quantity of our rental spark fountain machines, request a timely offer. It is also possible to have a personal consultation with an on-site visit, but please let us know by using one of our contact details!

How high can spark eyes reach?

As we have already mentioned, in each case we adjust the height of the ejection according to the person and the location. Before each use, we assess the characteristics of the selected location and accordingly configure the machine settings and adjust the height of the star scatter. This height may differ for different powder types. The sparking height of our machines is on average 2-3 meters, but it can reach 5 meters, and in special outdoor places it can even exceed 6 meters. So… they are quite tall and spectacular! 😉

How long it takes? On average, a dose of powder loaded into the machine takes 6 minutes. After that, the tank must be refilled. The time also depends on the use. If we want more machines and a higher curve, the machine must be charged sooner and the reheating time must be calculated by 5-10 minutes. Intermittent operation is also possible, where you determine when the spark machines operate. Our technician and we will help you with any questions that may arise. We are at your disposal every day of the week!

Summary: You can’t go wrong with mini fireworks, especially if your love loves spectacular effects! We hope that we were able to help and give you an idea to enhance the mood! We hope that we can discuss the details in person as soon as possible. We wish you a successful, happy, intimate proposal that ends with YES, because everything is good if it ends well… 🙂

Be sure to share your engagement stories with us after the girl proposal! We welcome pictures, videos and experience reports!

Cold Spark Machine / Wedding Fireworks / Greek Fire / Spark Fountain / Star Sprinkler Machine

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Pictures: Dóri Szenás / DóraFilm

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