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Amaze your guests with our rare indoor & safe fireworks machine! Entry, opening dance or cake? Our spark machine can be used anywhere, the only limit is your imagination. If you are bored with the usual visual effects, if you are looking for a special effect, if you want something more than the average, then the cold spark machine was invented for you.

It is an excellent tool for enhancing the atmosphere and visuals at weddings, parties, concerts, and stage appearances.

Why this rather than plain fireworks?


Not pyrotechnics. Safer than traditional fireworksIcon


It is priced more favorably than traditional spark fountains


Environmentally friendly. It is also regularly used by the food and cosmetics industry


It responds immediately to the press of a button, and is quick to install and dismantle


Our technician constantly checks the machine

Its height can be adjusted between 3-6 m. 6 can be connected in a row.

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In our fast-paced world, guests have already seen everything. The stimulus threshold is getting higher and it is difficult to show something new. At foreign weddings, it has become more and more essential to color the various shows with pyrotechnic elements. Due to the lack of permits in our country, few places allow the use of fire apparatus. That's why we invented electric spark plugs for this purpose. It has the same effect as traditional fireworks machines. There is no need to make any compromises. A huge sight for weddings, events, theater performances and movies.




The sweetest moment of the evening


Arrival in the hall

Opening dance

When everyone is looking at you


Entry to the ceremony

Girl request

Unique girl request

Working together with a master of ceremonies, we help you come up with ideas and choose music


Use it  anywhere anytime !

Combine with Dry Ice!

Double it! Present a moment with maximum possibilities, with original dry ice. This guarantees an even more spectacular and breathtaking effect.

Photos: Dóra Szénás – DóraFilm /www.dfproduction.hu

"Dance on the Clouds"

The moment has come – Promo


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Dry ice for a wedding

Original dry ice for wedding – Promo Video

Spectacular Ceremony

An exciting procession with a spark machine to the wedding ceremony

Cake with fireworks

If it’s a celebration, let’s find the way

Unique girl request

Are you thinking of something really striking and unique engagement?

Safe fireworks fountain effect!

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1- 3
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FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

The cold spark machine was developed due to the difficult licensing (safety distance, smoke detectors) of pyrotechnic spark fountains in the traditional sense. For operation, we use titanium alloy granules, which the machine heats up to 700 degrees Celsius, then dispenses exactly the amount required for the electronically set height into the nozzle. (The temperature of a normal sparkler is between 1000‒1600 °C.) The heated sparks cool down quickly in the air approx. A heat sensation of 25 °C can be expected, which is why it is called a “cold” spark.

The launch height of the spark effect can be adjusted between 3-6 meters – even during operation. If that wasn’t spectacular enough, you can connect up to 6 machines in a row. On special request, we can even provide several machines, or even start them at several locations at the same time.

Before use, the spark gap machine should be approx. It needs a 3-minute warm-up time. Then by adding a complete package of granules approx We can create a 5-minute fountain of sparks. This is usually more than enough for a wedding opening dance, or even an American-style entry into the hall.

Almost like a cold blast 🙂 The spark does not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, so it does not cause burns.

Not a pyrotechnic device. No combustion products are produced.​​strong,
smoke. There will be no burning smell. There will be no alarm. No need to ventilate afterwards.
No reacts with its environment.

If it is absolutely necessary, it is not even necessary to maintain a protective distance. Our colleague takes care of everything. The machine can be stopped and restarted at any time, even during operation.

It has no ignition effect and is not flammable. The granulate used is environmentally friendly and non-hazardous. No smoke is produced, so the smoke detector will not be affected either.

Yes. We try to fulfill the requests at the national level. We have several machines and colleagues, so we can be present at several locations synchronously. We have been abroad many times.

It is not only recommended for weddings, but it is also an excellent visual enhancer for shows, movies, concerts, theaters, fashion shows, clubs and star performers. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It does not react with its environment at all, so it is not absolutely necessary to announce it in advance.
The spark can even be touched with your free hand, its use does not require a permit. You don’t have to worry if you are having your wedding in places where traditional fireworks and pyrotechnics are not allowed.

What should be indicated instead: Obstacle-free installation and no obstacles in the path of the spark. A normal (10-16 Ampere) stable power source is required to operate the machine.

Do you want a cold sparkler at your wedding? Read our article, in which you will find a lot of roughness!

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