A mix of well-composed music is an essential key to the success of the dance

Break the fixed & predictable wedding schedule with something special that provides outstanding entertainment for your guests
(regardless of your dance performances)

You can count on us!

We help you put together the music mix

Wedding opening dance mixes are loved by guests because of the variety of evergreen numbers and because they know (or guess) how much you have prepared for it. Imaginative, spectacular, funny and those groovy songs… which are very popular and iconic because of their age and style. Think about it, if you pack 20 of these songs into one opening dance of a few minutes, you will provide the most enjoyable musical experience. This is the secret why wedding opening dance mixes are so popular to this day.

If you need a professional mix for your dance choreography, you can count on our music mixing service. We are experts in sound editing and mixing. We are happy to help you take your dancing career to the next level 🙂

Eternal memories that are worth mentioning later, looking back on every time your family talks about your wedding…

Combine with dry ice, spectacular lighting and party supplies!

When are we needed?

If you are a beginner

We organize the mixing sequence. You can also decide on the music, timings and transition effects. You don't just get a random mix based on the song titles, all according to your dance skill level.

If you are Routine

Whether you are an experienced professional choreographer at the peak of your career, thanks to perfect mastering and dynamic song mixing, we can help you win the dance competition.

Fast-paced Spectacular Funny Shocking do you want a music selection?

The process of making the mix

Send me a list of the music you want to use. It can be just a few or even 20. You can also add entry and exit times. We make sure that the transitions sound pleasant and fit the purpose. We use high quality sound samples and effects in Ableton Live 2021 music editing program.

Must be original!

Just one song is boring...

"Experienced DJs can give advice on creating a personalized opening dance mix, but they are not producers either. It can also be a challenge for them to mix the songs to the beat. It is easier to make a "good" mix for two people at home, but they immediately become more complicated if you start with a wedding dance routine adapted to the number of steps or we are talking about very specific dance choreography. With the music, order, remixes and effects of your choice, almost everything can be turned upside down. It can also be professionally mixed between a more classic and a very fast, exciting show program. Make your opening and/or surprise dance stand out. Enjoy!" - DJ FEREE / Event DJ

Color it!

With exciting light shows

Every second of the wedding can be colored. Step into the spotlight during the opening dance, then let the dance floor go dark and let the moving and exciting light shows come, which the guests would rather come to.

Would you like to go to the gym and would you also need a dance instructor?

Vicces nyitótánc mix!

Ötletes, Humoros és Egyedi!

Felbecsülhetetlen a boldogság az arcokon! Imádom látni az ilyen nyitó táncokat! Tedd az esküvő napját a még szórakoztatóbbá, mert te (és mindenki más is) erre fog legjobban emlékezni!

Tips and ideas

For a funny wedding dance

All the funny wedding dances you watched on Youtube were fun, but did you like only a few of them? Even these are not perfect in their “scripting”, construction and the melodies are quite weak… Here are 3 important points to consider.

It contains the best songs, well-known hits

It's an obvious rule, but it's better to keep it in mind. Don't forget that a wedding dance colored with short clips of the most popular songs will have the greatest impact on the guests.

Have some special, personally chosen numbers in it

I'm sure you've felt at least once that you're planning your wedding for your guests. You're thinking, "How can we entertain them?" Even if you plan not only the traditional slow love dance, but the crazy and fun opening dance. Think about yourself, your love and at least choose something very special for the first slow music of the opening dance.

Take dance lessons


I don't want to discourage you, but without rehearsal, the performance will not be very memorable. During the dance class, you will both be prepared for a brutally good opening dance, which will remain as an eternal memory for you and your guests. Invent any music. There's no song you can't dance to. Our dance teacher, who knows nothing about the impossible, will help you realize your ideas.

Some say opening dance mixes aren’t as cool as they used to be. They think they don’t have the same power of surprise as they did a few years ago, when they were still considered new. Is this really so?

You'll never know if you don't try

Who knows, if you upload it to YouTube, you may easily overtake all other wedding opening dance compilations. The key to success is a professionally prepared music mix. If we are satisfied with this, then everything else depends on the choreography. Which doesn’t have to be so professional anymore. It’s enough to be funny and a little crazy. Enjoy yourself as in the video below.

You don’t have to choose any boring song just because it’s in every wedding mix.

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FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have as much music as you want, but be careful not to make it too long and boring. Here is an article, in which we write about this in more detail.

The total price of the mix mostly depends on the number of songs and the mixing style.. Be sure to contact me!

A good wedding opening dance or bridal dance usually lasts between 3-4 minutes. (as long as you dance to a music) Even older people can be “tied up” for that long. On the other hand, if you decide on the mix we recommend, the optimal length can even be 7-8 minutes. It also depends on how much “funny” music you choose. You have to pay attention to the fact that the music changes quickly. The choruses should be cut one after the other, because it often happens that couples use too much of one piece of music, so the production can quickly become boring for the audience.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to tell you how to do it, but in general, we can see that you can learn the steps of the wedding dance in most dance classes in 3-4 sessions. And in 6 private dance lessons, you can reach such a confident dance qualification that you will be able to confidently stand up to your guests on the big day. You can speed up the learning time if someone comes with dance training, and how much you will be doing at home with “homework” 🙂
Our wedding dance teacher is very happy if you come to the wedding dance lessons with concrete ideas. If you already have ideas about the music, it will make learning the wedding dance a lot easier. Like a video you saw on YouTube? Would you like to present a similar wedding dance? No problem! Make an appointment with our dance teacher and they will help you learn the steps! Leave the music making to us.

Yes, we also offer dance lessons. In fact! We work with Dancing With The Stars dancer Ricsi Fedics to offer the widest range of dance styles from beginner to advanced (including modern, hip-hop, jazz, ballroom and many other styles) Our experienced dance instructor offers individual, customized lessons for all ages . More details here.

After our agreement, we will send the mix in wav or mp3 format to the specified e-mail address within a maximum of 1 week. We can handle everything over the phone and online, so you don’t need to go to meetings.

You’re asking in the right place, because that’s what we specialize in. We have very spectacular additional effects to capture the visual elements of the opening dance.
E.g: dry ice for a wedding, fireworks, sparklers.Intelligent robot lights, etc…
Take a look around our service menu 🙂

Not at all, but that’s what we get the most orders for. We make DJ mixes and radio shows. We also update the music stock of more than 200 gyms in Hungary and are also involved in many other projects. Feel free to write to our contacts.

Then you know everything 🙂

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