Co2 Gun

Hand-held Co2 "smoke" gun

Can be used indoors without a license - NO smoke!

By pulling the trigger, you can shoot an intense white CO2 beam into the crowd (at a distance of up to 8 meters). It brings back the excitement and atmosphere of an Ibiza superclub.

Cool down the feverish crowd!

Live like a Rockstar and have fun with your friends” – The new dimension of events and weddings!

Maintain the standard of the party and don’t let your guests slack off. Stir them up with the CO2 gun. The Co2 gun is a new trend for successful weddings and we are sure that you have not seen it at any Hungarian wedding to date. This is a special gun that is easy to use. It produces a cold smoke-like substance and creates a feeling of freshness for everyone you shoot at. It is also completely safe to inhale. Anyone can use it safely without permission.

You want to  modern   spectacular  unforgettable  exclusive  have a wedding dance?

Rent the co2 gun from us for your wedding so that your guests are guaranteed to remember the special experience. Spectacular light shows and other special effects contribute greatly to the breathtaking effect, which we can also help with.

Photos: Dóra Szénás – DóraFilm / www.dfproduction.hu

Both the bride and the groom will love it

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The integrated silencer reduces the output noise by up to 30 dB, making it significantly quieter than other products on the market. Unique ventilation prevents the product from forming dry ice particles. The MKII comes standard with a built-in stability handle that improves control and handling while providing a sleek look.

Co2 Gun Smoke gun

The hottest NEW! Co2 weapon. The world’s biggest artists and DJs also use it.


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llyen is a cool wedding

An immersive experience that will have the crowd going wild! With this, you can create an atmosphere that will surely impress your guests.

Our satisfied customers

The biggest show of the entire evening was when you turned on the dry ice during our surprise dance and it REALLY felt like we were dancing on rocks! 🙂
I'm glad we chose you! ❤

Ruzsinszki Anita szárazjég esküvőre
Anita Ruzsinszki

We searched a lot on the Internet for ways to really spice up our wedding opening dance. I admit that I'm not a Fred Astaire, but when I saw this dry ice option, I immediately knew that it was a "MUST HAVE" for my wedding. 10 points, Max grade guys!

Hadár Gergely
Gergely Hadár

Let's not even talk about the atmosphere of the dry ice at the opening dance. 😘They were very professional together with their colleagues. We agreed on all the details on time, it was easy to work with him. We can only recommend it to everyone! ❤

Esküvői páros fotó
Emese Virány

"We are very happy that we chose you, the sound system was perfect and you played the best music during the dinner, which gave the basic atmosphere and you could still talk next to it. The party was fantastic, the technology was professional, the team was brilliant at the wedding"

Kajetán Eszter és Tamás
Eszter Kajetan
pregnant mother


We arrive 1 hour before the wedding. We build, operate and pack the dry ice machine.


Will you be a photographer and a videographer? We consult with them before the big day to ensure the perfect shots..

Top 3 winner of the Hungarian Wedding Gala in 2022

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FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon dioxide (CO2, formerly spelled carbon dioxide) is an gaseous, gaseous compound under standard conditions, one of the oxides of carbon. Clean air contains approximately 0.040% (percentage by volume) of carbon dioxide.

Approx. 8 meters away.

A bottle weighs about 40-50 kg. It contains 20 kg of charge, which is enough for about 35-40 seconds. One shot usually lasts for about 2-3 seconds, so one bottle is suitable for about 15 shots. We can take several bottles if required.

Completely harmless and odorless. However, the safety regulations must be observed during construction. The dangerous concentration in the air must not be exceeded either. It must be kept and transported in a well-ventilated place, but we all pay attention to this.

Does not contain water. strong, lb
flammable. Not flammable. The fire alarm does not signal.
No reacts with its environment.

It does not contain any flammable substances. Visually, it really looks like thick white smoke, but this is where its compatibility with smoke is exhausted. A smoke alarm can indicate a maximum of carbon monoxide, but this is not it.

We strive to ensure that you have spectacular opening dances and parties by observing the safety regulations to the maximum. The co2 gun works best in a closed space. Guests should also be surrounded. In this way, surrounded by you, they can experience this strange, unusual experience together with you. The co2 gun is used without an electric cable during the campaign. Photographers and videographers should also be notified in advance so that good pictures/video recordings can be taken.

Yes. We try to fulfill the requests at the national level. We have several machines and colleagues. Thanks to our partner company Rendezvény DJ, we can even be present at several locations in sync. We have been abroad many times.

The co2 gun is a great stage visual element, which is used not only for weddings, but also for corporate & private events, (star) performances and even for movies.

Due to the physical properties of the co2 gun, it does not react with its environment, so it is not absolutely necessary to announce it in advance, but it is worth telling them so that they do not get scared when they see the bottles. (does not require electricity) Installation and dismantling takes about 2 minutes.

Then now you know everything 🙂

Dry ice smoke machine for a wedding! Read our article, in which you will find a lot of roughness!

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