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QSC Subwoofer

Pro High-End Sound
2000 Watt
“If you want to tear the house apart” 🙂

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QSC Loudspeakers

The revolutionary new K
series QSC speaker
order was created by the active
between speakers.
In addition to the 2×2000 Watt
outstanding audio fidelity,
high technical standards and
characterized by high performance.

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Event DJ

You are looking for a regular DJ
music and good mood
for insurance? One who
with full equipment,
with sound and
undertakes with lighting technology
party? Who establishes and
keeps the maximum
mood? Anyone
can you fulfill a music request?

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Moving heads

100 watt LED lighting
Intelligent light games,
dance floor lighting
Various figures, colors,
party light programs.

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Uplighting/Mood lighting

Led adapted to decoration
background lighting, wall painting.
“Don’t trust the location to
switching on the lights”

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“Nurses and covers”. They aren’t like that
hanging cables, checkered tablecloths
and their companions 🙂

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Moving heads

10 watt LED
Intelligent light games,
dance floor lighting

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Lighting Pillars

With decorative colors
supporting columns a
For robot lights.

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DJ Console, Sound and lighting technology

Wedding & Event DJ

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Based on the experience of more than 1,000 weddings, it was made up of professionally recognized colleagues, with the aim of being able to show together what quality music service means to us. They believe in providing a full range of services, at a high level, without compromise. That is why our resources have been dedicated to providing the best sound and visual lighting supplements on the market.

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Dry ice for weddings, "Dancing on the clouds", Cold Spark Machine "Wedding Fireworks", Sound and Lighting accessories & From the price of special effects.