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“WoW” effect with decorative lights, wedding mood lighting.

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Create a beautiful atmosphere with our decorative wedding lighting!

Use the slider and see what kind of change can be achieved just by adding mood lights.​


One of the most effective ways to enhance your wedding decor. The lighting conditions give off a particularly luxurious feeling.



This style is especially popular at weddings instead of traditional lighting. It gives you much more freedom. Fully customizable, it applies to any vision. The magical atmosphere is created by adding colored lights. It lends life and a little excitement to your chosen location. The trees transform it, and it can be adapted to your own ideas and decorative colors. Thanks to the change in mood, we will have that certain “WOW” effect, with which we can impress our guests for the first time when they enter the event.

New generation wireless, remotely controlled battery uplighting/scrubbing light.

Change the boring atmosphere

What good is decoration if there is no light? Personalized mood lighting at night and even during the day! These lights are placed discreetly on the ground. Their light is projected upwards, thus creating the effect of wall painting with pillars of light. With it, we can highlight strategically important details that we definitely don't want to hide, or we can even draw attention away from things that you don't want.

Mood lighting should not be confused with dance floor lighting. It is a more interactive form of lighting that changes its color and movement to music and is limited only to the dance floor.



Small size, high brightness


No ugly cables


Sturdy & Safe

Thanks to its water resistance, there is no need to be afraid of partygoers on the dance floor either, so it can be safely placed near the bar counter or outdoors. The only limit is your imagination. We usually build it around the perimeter of the room. (suggested places: dance floor, columns, side wall, main table, cake table, under trees and plants)

No need for an electrician

Not enough light? Don't worry, because these lamps not only create the atmosphere, but are also the perfect solution to ensure that guests are always in a well-lit area. Our wireless lights don't even need to be wired. This is a great solution in locations where the existing lighting is not the most flattering or in outdoor rooms where it is not possible to use light fixtures (no electricity or hanging point).


BIG ADVANTAGE: During a party – a light program adjusted to music throughout the night! Photographers – Videographers are also very happy with it, as very varied images are produced compared to monotonous on-site lighting.

Then and just the way you want it

Computer control & color change

The LED lights are controlled by a computer, so any color can be mixed. In addition to RGB, Gold, UV and Pure white are also available. Our lights can also change color or perform pre-programmed effects during the program. This is done with DMX control. The lighting controller is set on the technician's or DJ's desk, and the color can be changed with the push of a button. If you want it to be blue during cocktails and yellow during dinner, we can make that happen too. Sterile white light is recommended during the opening dance, because of the photos and videos. We can change all the lights in the room with the push of a button. Thanks to the LED mood lighting, you don't have to worry about the colors clashing with any decoration.


How many pieces are needed?

The number of lamps required for LED lighting may vary depending on the number of guests, the size of the room and the type of layout. However, we have experience in setting up mood lighting for many wedding venues, so there is a good chance that we have already set up your chosen venue before.


We do not use Chinese lamps! We only have industry standard lights.

The ..... is important


Many people still use old-style LED lamps as a cheap solution. These are not only unreliable (they vibrate, flicker - you can't see them with the naked eye, but they do in the photos/videos because of the frequency difference between EU and American Hz) and are a fire hazard. Modern LED lights are safer, and despite our small size, they are the brightest. Cordless ones are best if you don't want your guests tripping over long extension cords all night.


Do I need this for my wedding?

PHOTO/VIDEO "Many couples don't like "blurred" pictures. The use of flash is no longer fashionable in photos of weddings and events. (of course, the situation is different in the dark) Thanks to the mood lighting, we can get much softer pictures. Using these wall paintings makes it really special, put on a dance floor and lights make the pictures diverse."
Dóra Szénás - Wedding photographer


Let's leave the garnish

How much does it cost?

Exactly how much lighting is needed? It depends on the features and size of the location. Your existing and usable lighting affects how many decorative lamps are needed to bring your wedding decoration plan to life. We can even undertake this with an on-site survey. Furthermore, it is good to know the number of guests in advance, since a relatively family-friendly wedding of 50 people requires fewer lights than a company party of 250 people. It is important to consider that guests will not appreciate the hard work and attention to detail if there is not enough light and they are hidden in a darker place...

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