Animated caption - for a truly unique look

Another sight. Throw away the boring, monochromatic walls. You will really love this specialty!

Draw on the walls without getting into trouble

Imagine your guests entering the room and seeing your initials on the dance floor. (Or the logos on the wall/ceiling, your dates, messages, favorite quotes, etc…) Your guests will be amazed, as it immediately creates a personal connection with the venue, because after all, this is your wedding and “not just another wedding at this venue”.

Personalized decoration that we can customize according to your needs.

Guests love to take photos of the wedding. They are captivated by the beautiful design and uniqueness, which is a clear indication that they are really participating in YOUR wedding.


Be it the names, its monogram or the date. About a company logo or 18. about birthday inscription. Talk about a sentence or quote. The graphics are fully customizable to match the theme of your event.


Thanks to the LED projector, we can also move the graphic. The animation is understated, elegant and stylish. It inevitably attracts attention. The less well-known unusual sight is still very unique, not many people have come across this form yet.


It can be projected onto any flat surface (except the glass wall). We can also adjust the focus, so the projection can be carried out both indoors and outdoors. We just need a power source.


Not all projectors are suitable for the correct display and brightness. We use high-quality LED monogram projectors to meet the needs and theme of the event.

You have several options to fit the  to your style to your budget !

Unlimited possibilities!

You can give us the design you designed or you can choose100 animated templates of ours. You will need someone else for a military wedding or a company party. You can ask our graphic designer to create a new graphic/animation especially for you. For a wedding, an exhibition, on the side of a 100-meter building… as we said, the possibilities are unlimited 🙂

Photos: Dóra Szénás – DóraFilm / www.dfproduction.hu

think about it

How empty the wall would be without it...

Put your stamp on this special day


More effective PHOTOS
As with all event lighting, the benefits of logo projection really show in your photography. Your images will be even more effective and give you a personalized feel. A figure that is specifically suited to the design of your event gives a lot of impetus.   is a great focal point for your wedding reception and adds something special to the moments that your photographer captures that day.

Corporate, corporate


We can satisfy almost any unique need, the figures, shapes, colors, sizes and placement are completely customizable. Even for birthdays and company events! This is the first thing guests see when they enter the room. Your company name/logo is beautifully illuminated! Strengthen your corporate brand with logo projection! This is now mandatory in terms of branding!

If you already have graphics, we will use them to present your event in a beautiful and distinctive way.

In the light

Duna Garden – Kopaszi dam

In the dark

Anna tanya – Rustic Garden


With mood lighting


FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited time and anytime. We use an LED display, so there is no need to worry about overheating. It is worth using from the first moment, “when the very first person can arrive on the scene” – so we can impress them right away. For animations, 30 seconds of static and approx. We recommend an animated period of 10 seconds to attract attention, but we can arrange the length of the graphic in a different way upon request.

Yes, we only need one power source. If you have this, then the requested image can be projected onto any flat surface (except the glass wall).
The darker the area we project, the more prominent and spectacular it is. We can also adjust the focus, so the projection can be carried out both indoors and outdoors. For larger distances and surfaces, we provide more tools. We have probably already visited the chosen location before, so if you don’t know where it would be worth screening, ask us 🙂

Yes, we can color the graphic elements together or even separately. We are also happy to make it based on a color sample, even to match the color scheme of the decoration. It’s that simple! Alternatively, it can be used without color, in which case the light will be white. It is the strongest color, and it is also clean and elegant.

This spectacular additional service is often chosen not only for weddings, but also for birthday parties and company events. In the latter case, you can use the company’s logo for the design, with which you can show your company’s brand strength. Branding brings pride to employees, managers and owners, while strengthening the company’s name.

choose 100 example design template animationsor make your own. For example, you will need something else for a military wedding or company party. You can ask our graphic designer, to create a new graphic/animation especially for you. For weddings, exhibitions, on the side of a 100-meter building!

Yes. We try to fulfill the requests at the national level. We have several machines and colleagues, so we can be present at several locations synchronously. We have been abroad many times.

Fill out the form and we will contact you within 24 hours!


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