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Make the Opening Dance truly Spectacular. In addition to special effects, you can also get dance lessons.

Spectacular Opening Dance Training!

I help! Dance like never before!

I will create a unique choreography for you that reflects your personality and feelings. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, we are sure to find the right choreography for you. Come and prepare for the big day with me, who routinely knows how to use the tools on the website. (Dry ice, Spark Machine, Lighting technology, etc)

Fedics Ricsi tánctanár / táncoktató

Have a cool opening dance! Dazzle your guests!

From the first steps to the last opening dance

The secret of the perfect opening dance – Unique choreography that we prepare just for you.

When are we needed?

If you are a beginner

Even if you've never danced in your life, with the help of a professional dance instructor, you can definitely step onto the dance floor with confidence. The unique choreography not only adapts to your abilities, but also brings them to your best form, so your wedding opening dance becomes memorable and stress-free.

If you are Routine

You already know the basics of dance, but with a professional instructor you can refine your movements and incorporate new, more complex elements into your dance. A wedding is a special occasion and you can use your experience to create a truly stunning show worthy of your big day.

Make magic for the opening dance!

All our effects are safe and guaranteed to add sparkle to your opening dance. Choose the one that suits you best.

Dry ice for the wedding: Create a magical environment on the dance floor, where you seem to be dancing above the clouds!
Cool Sparkler: Safe and stunning, it adds a touch of glamor to the big moment.

Do you have a unique vision for music? We also help you put together the music mix!

If you need a professional mix for your dance choreography, you can count on our music mixing service. We are experts in sound editing and mixing. We are happy to help you take your dancing career to the next level 🙂

What kind of dance do you want? Well groomed Fast-paced Spectacular Passionate Funny Stylish Impressive Shocking do you want a music selection?

The choice of opening dance always reflects the personal taste and style of the couple. It can be a traditional, slow dance that conveys deep emotions or even a fast, modern choreography that brings out the joy of celebration. The point is that the chosen dance reflects the relationship between the couple and their shared memories.

Must be original!

Simple dance learned at home is already boring...

Many couples think that they can learn the opening dance at home on their own. While this may seem cost-effective and simple at first, it often comes with pitfalls. In home conditions, small technical errors can easily slip in, which we can record without noticing. And a professional dance instructor not only pays attention to the correct execution of the steps, but also to the subtle movements that make the whole performance more spectacular. In addition, there is no opportunity for feedback and immediate correction when practicing at home. The purpose of the opening dance is to show the joint experience and harmony of the young couple, for which the help of a professional is essential. A wedding is a lifetime memory, and the opening dance must also meet this high standard.

Color it!

With exciting light shows

Every second of the wedding can be colorful. Step into the spotlight during the opening dance, then let the dance floor go dark and let the moving and exciting light shows come, which the guests are much more likely to come to.

The steps speak about your feelings

Funny opening dance mix!

Creative, Humorous and Unique!

The happiness on the faces is priceless! I love seeing opening dances like this! Make your wedding day even more fun because it’s what you (and everyone else) will remember the most!

Tips and ideas

For a funny wedding dance

All the funny wedding dances you watched on Youtube were fun, but did you like only a few of them? Even these are not perfect in their “scripting”, construction and the melodies are quite weak… Here are 3 important points to consider.

It contains the best songs, well-known hits

It's an obvious rule, but it's better to keep it in mind. Don't forget that a wedding dance colored with short clips of the most popular songs will have the greatest impact on the guests.

Have some special, personally chosen numbers in it

I'm sure you've felt at least once that you're planning your wedding for your guests. You're thinking, "How can we entertain them?" Even if you plan not only the traditional slow love dance, but the crazy and fun opening dance. Think about yourself, your love and at least choose something very special for the first slow music of the opening dance.

Take dance lessons


I don't want to discourage you, but without rehearsal, the performance will not be very memorable. During the dance class, you will both be prepared for a brutally good opening dance, which will remain as an eternal memory for you and your guests. Invent any music. There's no song you can't dance to. Our dance teacher, who knows nothing about the impossible, will help you realize your ideas.

Move with professional help and be a star on the dance floor!

Will this work for me?

Many people feel insecure when it comes to dancing, especially if they don’t have a lot of experience behind them. However, every new challenge is an opportunity for self-expression and development. The point is to dare to try something new and believe in yourself. Dance is not only about steps, but also about feelings and passion.

If you don’t try it, you’ll never know how much joy and satisfaction dancing can bring to your life! It’s time!

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Fedics Ricsi esküvői tánctanár / Látványos nyitótáncoktató

FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

The time to create the choreography depends on the style and complexity of the desired dance. Usually 3-5 meetings are necessary, but I adapt to each couple individually so that the end result is perfect.

I want every couple to be satisfied and proud to dance at their wedding. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the first choreography, of course we will change it until it is perfect for you.

I create choreography in many musical styles, be it classical, pop, rock or even jazz. The point is that the music and dance should be in harmony with your style and ideas. Of course, it will become clear later what can be achieved from this 🙂

We recommend a smaller room or a larger room where we can comfortably fit. If you don’t have a suitable place, I can recommend dance studios for training. I am established in many places, so I also have a significant discount, as if you were renting.

Safety is the most important thing for us! All our effects have been selected and tested to be completely safe, even for indoor use. Cold spark plugs, for example, do not emit heat, so they do not cause burns.

It depends entirely on the experience of the couple and the complexity of the chosen dance. Beginner couples usually need 8-10 hours, but more advanced dancers can learn the steps faster.

Then you know everything 🙂

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