Illuminated LED Party Foam Bar

The light that brings the wedding party together

A party-boosting accessory that is a must-have for every New Year's Eve

One of the most memorable moments of your wedding can be when you see these beautifully lit foam sticks in the hands of the wedding party. One of the most memorable moments of your wedding can be when you see these beautifully lit LED party foam sticks in the hands of the wedding party.

Why choose LED Party Hub bars for your wedding?

Have fun with your friends – A new dimension for events and weddings so that not only the ring shines!

Maintain the standard of the party and don’t let your guests slack off. Stir them up with the Illuminated LED party foam sticks. This is the new trend of successful weddings. Wonderful accessories for any wedding, dance party, birthday or any other sensational party! Make your big day amazing and unforgettable.

Bulizó emberek party rúddal a kezükben

You want to  modern   spectacular  unforgettable  exclusive  have a wedding dance?

Világító party LED rúd használata

How to use?

1. Turn on the foam stick by pressing the button.
2. Switch between different lighting modes by pressing the button again.
3. Dance and enjoy the special atmosphere!

Photos: Dóra Szénás – DóraFilm / www.dfproduction.hu

Touchable - Everyone will love this!

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Party rudak

Get the party foam sticks for your wedding so that your guests are guaranteed to remember the special experience. Spectacular light shows and other special effects contribute greatly to the breathtaking effect, which we can also help with. e.g.: Co2 gun for weddings, Dry ice for weddings, fireworks that can be safely used indoors, etc.

Illuminated LED Party Foam Bar

“It’s not just our hearts that shine tonight” – the party bar also conquered Szandra & Amos’ wedding!


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llyen is a cool wedding

An immersive experience that will have the crowd going wild! With this, you can create an atmosphere that will surely impress your guests.

Our satisfied customers

These foam sticks made the whole party exciting! Everyone loved them and they brought the whole party to the dance floor! Our wedding would not have been the same without them!

Ruzsinszki Anita szárazjég esküvőre
Anita Ruzsinszki

In the beginning, I doubted whether we needed such 'stuff' for our wedding, but in the end it was the best decision to invest in them! The guests danced all night long with the foam sticks and even looked great in the photos!

Hadár Gergely
Gergely Hadár

At our wedding, the light-up foam sticks were the highlight of the party! 😘 Everyone loved them, from kids to grandma. They created simply unforgettable moments! We can only recommend it to everyone! ❤

Esküvői páros fotó
Emese Virány

My wedding planner recommended the LED foam bars and I was not disappointed. I think they should be a must have for every bride for the big day!

Kajetán Eszter és Tamás
Eszter Kajetan
pregnant mother

LED Technology

Our LED foam bars are made of high-quality soft white foam and multi-colored LEDs. No chemicals, it works with batteries. (items included)

Easy use

Just press the power button at the bottom of the foam bar! There are 3 different light modes: multicolored fast flashing, slow flashing and alternating flashing.

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FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Party foam sticks are made of high-quality soft white foam and multi-colored LEDs. They are completely safe to use and contain no toxic substances.

The foam bars have built-in LEDs that are powered by batteries. You can switch between lighting modes with an on/off button.

The duration of LED lighting depends on the capacity of the batteries, but on average it can light up for several hours.

The foam sticks are not completely waterproof, so it is not recommended to submerge them in water. However, they can be used in light rain or humidity.

The foam sticks have a long service life and can be easily replaced even if the batteries run out.

The foam bar is 45 cm long and 4 cm thick.

From weddings to birthday parties, from concerts to sporting events, clubs and festivals, light-up foam sticks can be used at many events.

Yes. We try to fulfill the requests at the national level. We have several machines and colleagues. Thanks to our partner company Rendezvény DJ, we can even be present at several locations in sync. We have been abroad many times.

The foam sticks have 3 different light modes: fast flashing, slow flashing and alternating flashing.

The foam sticks are available in different packaging sizes, depending on the event you are planning for. Quantity discounts are also available for larger orders (over 1,000 units).

Then now you know everything 🙂

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