Dóri & Feree and the technician team


For more than 10 years, we have been dealing with dj, sound & lighting equipment. During the increased interest, we specialized in the development and complete implementation of special effects machines. Our team consists of professionally recognized, experienced professionals supplemented by an excellent photographer.

The secret of our success

We work closely with our customers to adapt our event technology equipment to individual needs. In addition to our most popular wedding dry ice machine, we offer mood lighting,  indoor fireworks, name-logo-animation projection and many other sought-after event services. A unique experience in one hand.

Unique and stunning event technical

devices at an affordable price.

Our goal to embellish the visuals of as many events as possible.

Our Mission &


We also offer many optional extras such as: fireworks/sparklers, dry ice machine, bubble blower. confetti cannon, heather laser, animated caption/logo projection,stage lighting and visual technology+mood lighting.

Each of our machines is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and fireworks are not pyrotechnic devices either!

We help you not to take care of the appropriate background work at the most exciting point of your wedding, since everyone wants their wedding to be an unforgettable experience. We already know the solution. Just have fun… decide…


…and have fun without forgetting!

We love itthat our work is our hobby and our hobby is our work. This is what we enjoy the most and what we are best at.

The most important

Our advantages

We love renewals! We often think big and come up with new ideas to solve the same task so that dreams can be fully realized.

If we have a good attitude, no obstacle is too high, no valley too deep, no dream too remote, and no challenge too great.

The ultimate driving force behind our “work” is the pursuit of happiness. The purpose of life is happiness – life is meant to be enjoyed.


We arrive with a car, we bring all the necessary tools with us, we only need a power source.

Continuing education

Based on foreign samples, we like to continuously train and cultivate ourselves, to keep up with the latest wedding trends.

Ferenc Csollak


Legal clean

We write an invoice and a contract. We have the necessary permits, so you don't have to worry about anything during the inspection!

Well groomed

We will assist you with your tasks in appropriate attire. We do not drink alcohol or smoke.

Top 3 winner of the Hungarian Wedding Gala in 2022

Those who mean success

Our team

Béla Sénás


I believe in providing a full range of services, at a high standard, without compromise.

H. Gergő


My goal is to be able to provide accessories that produce the best sound and spectacular light on the current market.

Dori Sénás


SEO marketing and WordPress. I create professional images/videos and creatives optimized for social networks.

The Spectacular Opening Dance raises the bar for weddings with unique services. We know you want the best for your guests. Get in touch today and we will make the event of your dreams come true!

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Dry ice for weddings, "Dancing on the clouds", Cold Spark Machine "Wedding Fireworks", Sound and Lighting accessories & From the price of special effects.