"Dance on the clouds" - The perfect fairytale moment

It can also be used indoors without a license - NOT a smoke machine!

“We don’t fog – We work with real dry ice and modern technology”
Dream big and we’ll make it happen! We provide professional operating staff to get 100% out of our machines. This way, the experience is guaranteed to be maximum!

Dazzle your guests with original dry ice!

Ask for real dry ice for your wedding so that your opening dances are spectacular & breathtaking! Give your photos a fairytale effect! Amaze your guests by dancing on the clouds. You can make your opening dance really spectacular with this special effect. You can make this special moment magical. You can also know it this way: dry ice smoke, smoke machine for weddings

You want to  modern   spectacular  unforgettable  exclusive  have a wedding dance?

Ask for dry ice for your wedding so that your guests are guaranteed to remember the special experience. Spectacular light effects also contribute to the breathtaking effect.

Photos: Dóra Szénás – DóraFilm / www.dfproduction.hu

3 °C
3- 3
10 kg
1 %

Romantic & Dramatic


WoW Effect


Start the evening with the opening dance. Start the evening with the opening dance. Maximize the intimate, unforgettable and unrepeatable moment. By using dry ice, you bring a spectacular scene fit for a fairy tale to the dance floor, which is guaranteed to enchant your guests and loved ones.

Double the sparkle

Double the sparkle

The dry ice machine intended for weddings heats up in 1 hour, so it can be used several times. E.g.: marching in, bringing in a cake, surprise dance, during the bride's or bride's dance. You can also combine them with lighting. We highly recommend the Szikragép as well. The decision is up to you.

Stunning Photos & Video


You can be sure that there will be plenty of photos and videos of the first dance. The sight makes the guests immediately reach into their pockets... for their phones (so they can capture it) 🙂 "Official" Your photographer / videographer will not be bored either, as they heartily recommend this unusual phenomenon to their wedding couples. It is worth letting them know in advance, because it can be a good reference material for them.

"Dance on the Clouds"

The moment has come – Promo


The BEST OFF video of our year 2022 has arrived, with the most beautiful moments. ✨🥰🔝

Dry ice for a wedding

Original dry ice for wedding – Promo Video

Our satisfied customers

The biggest show of the entire evening was when you turned on the dry ice during our surprise dance and it REALLY felt like we were dancing on rocks! 🙂
I'm glad we chose you! ❤

Ruzsinszki Anita szárazjég esküvőre
Anita Ruzsinszki

We searched a lot on the Internet for ways to really spice up our wedding opening dance. I admit that I'm not a Fred Astaire, but when I saw this dry ice option, I immediately knew that it was a "MUST HAVE" for my wedding. 10 points, Max grade guys!

Hadár Gergely
Gergely Hadár

Let's not even talk about the atmosphere of the dry ice at the opening dance. 😘They were very professional together with their colleagues. We agreed on all the details on time, it was easy to work with him. We can only recommend it to everyone! ❤

Esküvői páros fotó
Emese Virány

"We are very happy that we chose you, the sound system was perfect and you played the best music during the dinner, which gave the basic atmosphere and you could still talk next to it. The party was fantastic, the technology was professional, the team was brilliant at the wedding"

Kajetán Eszter és Tamás
Eszter Kajetan
pregnant mother

CAUTION! Many people try to copy the effect of a dry ice machine with a cheap smoke machine - or a less powerful dry ice machine - but the smoke machine only creates a thin layer of smoke and it does not stay on the floor for long. It ruins the pictures of the first dance because the rising smoke reflects the light of the flash. These machines set off smoke detectors, so their use is prohibited in most venues. The original Chauvet Nimbus dry ice machine in contrast, sublimation with water creates an odorless, low-lying thick fog that does not set off fire alarms, so it can be used almost anywhere. In addition to us, the DJ repertoire of the Event is the same dry ice machine is located. Name: ADJ Entour ICE and Chauvet Nimbus (higher performance machine)


We arrive 1 hour before the wedding. We build, operate and pack the dry ice machine.


We bring enough dry ice to last the entire first dance with ammunition. By prior arrangement, we can also use it for other important moments.


Will you be a photographer and a videographer? We consult with them before the big day to ensure the perfect shots..

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FAQ - Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

A dry ices moke is a solid form of carbon dioxide. Its temperature is -78 °C.
Under the influence of heat, it directly transforms into a gaseous state, i.e. it sublimates without turning into a liquid in the process. That’s why it’s like dry ice 🙂

This depends on many things (e.g.: size of the dance floor, saturation, air deflectors) The size of the cloud can be adjusted in 3 degrees. In 95% of cases, we are asked to use the maximum setting, so we use this setting by default. This is approx. means knee-deep “smoke”. We can also produce a higher fog on request.

The dry ice machine needs a heating time of 1 hour, which is approx. It means 3-4 minutes of intense “smoke” (by loading 10 kg of dry ice). This is usually more than enough for a wedding opening dance.

Our wedding dry ice machine produces a low-flowing thick mist that disperses without rising. Our wedding dry ice machine produces a low-flowing thick mist that disperses without rising. However, the safety regulations must be observed, as improper handling can cause burns and the dangerous concentration in the air must not be exceeded.Tog It must be kept and transported in a well-ventilated place, but it must be hermetically sealed.

No contains water. Sublimation No cold. No
fire hazard. No flammable. No the fire alarm indicates.
No reacts with its environment.

As a cheaper solution, many people cool down a plain smoke machine in order to achieve a similar effect. (These are called, for example: “cold smoke / heavy smoke”) However, these solutions are not nearly as spectacular. It is also worth being careful with this, because the cooled smoke will take over the temperature of the medium within a short time and, due to its physical characteristics, will rise in the same way. Thus, it not only destroys photos/videos, but can also set off the fire alarm. We only use original dry ice for weddings.

Our dry ice machine for weddings does not contain any flammable material. Visually, it really looks like thick white smoke, but this is where its compatibility with smoke is exhausted.

We strive to have a spectacular opening dance by observing the safety regulations to the maximum. Dry ice works best indoors. You can help by asking the venue in advance to turn off the air conditioning (and/or fans) for the duration of your opening dance. Guests should also be surrounded. In this way, surrounded by the smoke, they can also experience this strange, unusual sight more closely, together with you. We use the dry ice machine during the campaign without a cable and with a rolling cart, we adapt to the dance steps (photo and videographer colleagues) and thus achieve a greater effect.

Yes. We try to fulfill the requests at the national level. We have several machines and colleagues. A Dry ice for Courierand our partner company a Event DJ thanks to, we can even be present at several locations synchronously. We have been abroad many times.

Dry ice is a great stage visual element, which is used not only for weddings, but also for (star) performances, films, theaters and even for food and drink decoration.

Due to the physical properties of dry ice, it does not react with its environment, so it is not absolutely necessary to announce it in advance. What we need: A normal (10-16 Ampere) stable power source and tap water. What we need: A normal (10-16 Ampere) stable power source and tap water.

Then now you know everything 🙂

Dry ice smoke machine for a wedding! Read our article, in which you will find a lot of roughness!

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