Mood lighting – Create the atmosphere

Do I really need mood lighting for my wedding?

The short answer is no. All you need is a ring and a marriage certificate 🙂 But if you also want a gathering, dinner and party, then you should consider how good lighting will affect the mood of the whole dayt.

Mood lighting has now become the most popular wedding lighting option. With good reason, because with the right placement, you can completely transform locations with it.

The decorations at the venues can be exciting in principle, but the decorations are lost in the dark and let’s face it, most of the wedding will be in the dark “until the dawn of the party”. “In certain locations, you can create a miracle with 2 candle flames, but sometimes you have to go a little further to create the right atmosphere. Have you ever looked at a picture of a wedding and found yourself shocked by the details of the location, the intimacy and romance of the event? If you consider the view and the quality of your wedding photos important, I definitely recommend that you continue reading the article.

Choosing the right wedding lighting.

LED decor lighting is playing an increasingly important role when decorating wedding venues. Due to the low consumption and flexible possibilities of use, there is no longer a nightstand without cozy string lights.

The string lighting is ideal for outdoor events, both its classic atmosphere and its super lighting ability add a little excitement to the venue. However, there is a downside. “It’s either there or it’s not” Its monochromaticity is lit at full brightness or turned off. During the party, it is a distinct disadvantage if everyone is lit. At this time, the guests don’t like it anymore and it can really kill the atmosphere of the evening.

We know managing a budget can be difficult when it comes to weddings. Here’s a simple list to help you decide when you need mood lighting.

You may need mood lighting if…

  1. If your wedding is at a simpler location. Couples choose a venue based on dozens of different criteria. Lovers sometimes choose a location for sentimental reasons. E.g.: Place of first meeting, where the proposal took place, etc. In this way, a specific location is often chosen emotionally. Some say it’s because the food is fantastic… In this case, a complete seaming of the crease may be necessary. Decorative lamps can work wonders in this case. Very fast and spectacular results can be achieved with them.

  2. If your wedding is in a beautiful place. If the big day will be in a remarkable castle, a modern restaurant or a building with a historical past, the lighting will highlight its beauty even more in the already impressive space. Architectural features such as columns, windows and ceilings can be illuminated for atmospheric effect. Materials such as unfinished brick and plaster for monuments get a really interesting and exciting effect with the help of a little side lighting. The careful planning thought out in advance takes the appearance of the venue to the next level.
  3. If your wedding is in a familiar place. More and more couples are using old barns for “barn weddings” and unusual – non-traditional locations, such as a simple garden party in the yard of the family home. Lighting creates a new perspective on familiar objects. It makes an otherwise “ordinary” space exciting and diverse.
Lighting technology before - Anna tanya
Before (Anna Tanya – Törökbálint)
Lighting technology after - Anna tanya
After (Anna Tanya – Törökbálint)

You probably don’t need mood lighting if…

  1. You need to cut your wedding expenses to the limit. It’s completely understandable that not everyone can afford everything they want for their wedding. First, have the ring, the location, the food and drink and the dj creating a good atmosphere. These should be taken care of first. Lighting cannot replace this, but it is also not a prerequisite for guests to feel comfortable.
  2. The venue provides information. There is such a thing, but it is still rare in Hungary. If the venue provides the right mood lighting (and this is included in the rental fee), it’s worth checking/asking them to show you in action. Be careful, because this is often when it turns out that it’s not really like that… It really is the kind of lighting system created on the spot that is recommended by a professional lighting technology company specifically for weddings? Hit two with one stone! Because photographers will also have a great opportunity to visit such a location, because they want to see it with their own eyes so that they are not surprised by the possibly too little or too much monotonous light.
  3. You have a daytime wedding. Even our super high-end RGBUVA LED lights lose the fight against sunlight. TIP.: If the sun is really shining, the curtain will be a much more effective solution for daytime events.

“Nowadays, it is expected that the DJ brings lighting technology with him. The view is an integral part of the decor, if you think about it, most of the time is spent in the evening, where the wedding decor doesn’t stand out as much anymore, but the light show can make the night very cozy. The guests are guaranteed to remember the special experience provided by the professional DJ providing an unforgettable show, but the special light effects also contribute greatly to the frenetic atmosphere. Not to mention the special effects, such as dry ice :)”


“Professional lighting technology helps me a lot to create lasting and spectacular materials. Magical visual effects can be achieved not only with professional photos, but also with photos taken by guests.”

Dóri Szenás / Photo – Video @DoraFilm
Monogram (Name, Logo) projection and Mood lighting for weddings

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Pictures: Dóri Szenás / DóraFilm

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