Is the indoor spark machine safe?

“Safety is the top priority”

Fortunately, the cold fountain of sparks emitted by our machines cannot catch fire or ignite. At most, the atmosphere will seem more fiery because of the sparkling eyes.

We always send our machines to the events in perfect condition, together with our experienced technician colleagues. We assure you and your guests that our spark machines can also be used safely indoors. There will be no fire even in buildings made of wood. We use electronic spark devices, which do not qualify as pyrotechnic devices.
The sparks are cold, environmentally friendly and completely safe, so they can be safely used indoors at events without the dangers of traditional fireworks.

“Guests can run their hands through the flow of sparks even during operation. Our spark machines are not noisy, they do not smoke, they just offer a beautiful sight. The only task of the machine is to shoot a brilliantly bright fountain of fireworks and sparks into the air, which will amaze everyone!”Béla Szenás, visual technician

Is the cold spark fountain safe for indoor use?

Yes! You can use our cold spark machines both indoors and outdoors without a permit. We install these machines in various event halls without any problems. We take great care to ensure that there is enough space for the spark fountain machine. The optimal ceiling height for the proper operation of the machines is spaces above 3 meters. It is recommended to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from it, so that the special “luminous dust” ejected by the machines does not touch the clothes of the guests, and the spark dust does not fall back on the hair/food/wedding cake. The flame temperature is very low. A sheet of A4 paper turned into the spark beam, but not even a simple tissue that is well known to everyone, can burn it. In this way, it is almost 100% impossible for anyone to be injured by the cold spark plug. These machines use special indoor Ti powder, which is a controlled safe granulate, completely protected for use in closed spaces.

Permits / risk level / method of undertaking

The law classifies the pyrotechnic product into different classes based on its risk level and method of use (net active ingredient content, safety distance, noise level).

Pyrotechnic class 1: involves very low risk and negligible noise level and
which – including the interior of buildings intended for human habitation – was delimited
intended for use in the field (e.g. cake candles, crackers, butterflies, snap peas),

Pyrotechnic class 2: low risk and low noise, and outdoor
are intended for use in a limited area (e.g. Roman candle, flue, fire spinner, guided stick rocket, spark fountain, volcano),

Pyrotechnic class 3: medium risk, for outdoor large open areas
are intended for use and whose noise level is not harmful to human health (e.g. rockets with a high active ingredient content),

Pyrotechnic class 4: involves a high risk, can only be used by a pyrotechnician and
manageable and whose noise level is not harmful to human health.

The 1. and Special rules for pyrotechnic class 2 fireworks products:

You don’t need a permit 14. to a person who has reached the age of majority the 1 belonging to the pyrotechnic class
for the purchase and possession of pyrotechnic products – with the exception of firecrackers – these are one
you can store up to a total of 1 kg of net active ingredient content in time and use it as specified in the instructions for use and handling. (The 14th minors only
can be used under the supervision of an adult 1. belonging to the pyrotechnic class
fireworks product.

You don’t need a permit on the 16th. for a person who has reached the age of 2. belonging to the pyrotechnic class
for the purchase and possession of fireworks products – with the exception of firecrackers – at the same time
you can store up to a total of 1 kg of active ingredient content and use it as specified in the instructions for use and handling. (The 16 a person under the age of majority is only an adult
can be used under the supervision of a person 2. fireworks belonging to the pyrotechnic class


Is a sparkler like a firework?

No, cold spark machines are not exactly like fireworks. These machines shoot out sparkler granulates in a similar way to fireworks, but their structure/operational principle is completely different. Our machines are easier to use and much safer than traditional fireworks. They can be deployed as desired, which is a huge advantage over fireworks. Furthermore, our machines are automated, so they can be started automatically without having to “manually” ignite them. For this reason, they are not classified as pyrotechnic devices. This may be the reason why they appear to be the same as fireworks, but they do not have the same mechanism of action.

A third advantage over normal wedding fireworks is that its height and even duration can be digitally controlled. We can adjust the ejection height to your on-site height. This is another reason why it can certainly be used indoors. You don’t have to worry about the ceiling burning down, possibly damaging the venue or any equipment. No need for a large safety zone. It can be used in all locations where traditional fireworks are not feasible.


There are plenty of fireworks available on the market, but they are very difficult to use, especially for a wedding. We only use state-of-the-art sparkler machines (simulated spark fountain). In the simplest terms, you have to imagine this as a huge sparkler, but without its smoke and heat.

Where can the cold spark machine still be used?

If you want to make any type of event special, you need cold spark machines! This machine lifts the mood and even gives guests a unique visual experience. Sparkling fountains are becoming more and more popular, nowadays they often appear as the biggest show element in many TV shows. You can also be seen in large-scale programs shown in prime time, such as X-Faktor or Star in Star. Our machines have already performed at concerts, private birthday parties, corporate events and, of course, weddings. It’s a great idea to use them at the climax of performances/events.

Our creed is to entertain and give your guests an experience. We want to offer something special with our service, something that people have never seen or experienced up close. The fact that this is happening indoors is a plus. It is worth keeping this special extra a secret, we recommend that you do not tell the guests in advance. Thus, surprise and surprise are guaranteed, which enhances the atmosphere even more. If you can keep it a secret, you can treat them with a great overall effect and sudden visuals.

Some examples – where we feel free to use it:

  • Private parties and weddings
    You can use the cold spark machine wherever the party is. Whether it’s an engagement party, an unusual birthday celebration or even one of life’s most important events, a wedding. Imagine a wedding where, during the opening dance, dry ice flows on the dance floor, (Dry ice can create an atmosphere as if you are dancing on clouds. Details here) and then, at the moment the music starts, sparks suddenly shoot out from below, up to 3-5 meters high, from the cloud. This is how a real fairytale moment imagined in a dream happens! Not only is it a great decoration, but it also adds dramatic beauty to the wedding. Believe me, you can achieve a stunning and unique effect!
  • Concerts
    One of the most popular types of events where cold spark machines can be used without compromise. The machines bring out the most energetic, biggest moments of the performers and make them even more enjoyable. These can be combined with spectacular lights to create an outstanding visual experience. Depending on the size of the location, several cold spark machines, up to 6, can be deployed.
  • Surprise parties
    Is there that well-known scene from the movies, when the celebrant appears at the door and in her place full of guests, she has a crazy big surprise? Well, can you imagine an extra accessory for this? We certainly know a thing or two! A cold spark gap machine is the solution!
  • Festivals
    What’s a festival without big fireworks, final ending moments? Nothing. At every such event, there is always a closing, the finale! What is the most characteristic accessory of the inálék? Of course, the fireworks! Our machines can be a great alternative to dangerous and terribly expensive fireworks. Our machines can be easily adjusted and paired with other machines, such as flame throwers or smoke machines, in order to further increase the effect.
  • Clubs
    The cold spark fountain can also be safely used in nighttime, dark entertainment venues. These machines can be hidden very well in the dark. It is well known that even a very minimal light can be clearly seen in a dark place. The biggest advantage of the clubs is the almost complete darkness, where thousands of sparks can take effect even better.
  • Photo shoots / Video clip / Film shooting
    Our devices serve the visual, so of course these cold spark machines are also very popular in the field of visual imaging. With our equipment, you can shoot unusual photos/scenes or even complete video clips. Only your imagination can set limits.

Can we use a cold spark machine near children?

Of course, yes, they can be used, but we strongly recommend that children be kept away from cold spark machines. They are not safe for the smallest, as they can walk into them, peek into them or even tip them over. Therefore, we ask that if children are also participating in the event where our machines are operating, pay close attention to toddlers. Of course, our technicians do their best for precise execution, they constantly monitor the events and what is happening around the machine. Keeps a safe distance between small children and the machine during installation. We recommend that we observe / observe safety precautions together.

If you want to have a party that will not be forgotten for a long time, you should order these machines early. Parallel to the booking of wedding venues, our service is usually booked 1.5 years in advance. So, if you don’t want to miss out, don’t delay! If you want to know how to save a reservation, the available quantity of our rental spark fountain machines, ask for an offer in time. If you would like to request a personal consultation combined with an on-site visit, it is of course possible, but please let us know by using one of our contact details.

You’ve probably seen pyrotechnic cases/videos that caused fear/panic, as well as spark machines that weren’t very spectacular. These could have been primitive Chinese machines, which did not have the necessary launch height or the machines were not professionally synchronized with each other, because of this they did not give a uniform and beautiful view overall.
Forget these!

Are the Spectacular Opening Dance machines the best choice?

Yes, because we don’t just rent out our machines, we undertake full implementation (we provide operating staff who have a lot of experience, so they will definitely get the most out of the event and our machines). If you are looking for modern and spectacular lighting technology or special effects for any occasion, you will definitely find it with us. These cold spark machines are made of the highest quality materials and have excellent durability. With the equipment and effects we offer, you can spice up any party and make it unique. However, there are several options or combinations.

Get the most modern visual technology accessory today! Thanks to the many options, the excellent quality and our experienced technician colleagues, our devices will not let you down.

Be careful when reserving spark machines! Regardless of the fact that they are not pyrotechnic devices, only choose a company that is aware of the fireworks rules. Hungarian locations acknowledge that the service we offer fully complies with NEAK regulations. The spark machine is the only way to use it indoors.

Can the fire alarm be activated when the cold spark machine is used indoors?

There is very little chance that the spark fountain will set off the fire alarm or fire extinguisher. Our newest model barely leaves a mark on the leaf. This means that our latest indoor machine emits less smoke than a candle flame. It will not trigger the fire alarm in any way or form, even in wineries where ventilation is not (or cannot be) solved.

“The Spectacular Opening Dance and the Event DJ together were fantastic! It was a huge success on our daughter’s 18th birthday! Many young people were so impressed by the DJ service that they wanted to know more about them. They are already looking forward to the magical 20! I wholeheartedly recommend it to others who they are looking for unique effects and professional DJ services.” – Chamberlain Anna, senior manager

How high do the sparks go?

We control the height of the ejection. Before each use, we measure and configure the settings of the machines according to the selected location, and change the height of the star scatter. This height may differ for different powder types. The height of these sparklers can reach an average of 1-5 meters, in special cases, up to 6 meters.

How long it takes? On average, one dose of powder lasts about 10 minutes. After that, the tank must be refilled. The time also depends on the use. If we want more machines and a higher curve, the machine must be charged sooner and the reheating time is 5-10 minutes and must be calculated. Our technician and we will help you with any questions that may arise.

We provide operating personnel for all spark fountains

We like to achieve the maximum in everything, and we also like to help you with any questions that arise, so that your Big Day is as smooth as you dreamed it would be. That’s why we provide a technical assistant for every spark machine rental. Proper maintenance and handling of machines is very important for stable operation and successful further use. Although our machines contain many built-in security protocols, their operation must be kept under maximum control. With this, we can guarantee the best effect and complete charm. The operator arrives at the site 1.5 hours earlier with the spark machine/machines and related tools and the agreed quantity of granules. He assesses the features of the location, plans where the machine/machines should be placed in order to achieve the most magical effect possible with its operation.

All our cold spark machines have contact protection and safety certificates. Regardless, we always take the safety of your guests seriously, which is why we comply with all safety regulations to the maximum. We believe in using the right machine with the right staff.

We guarantee the perfect end result and help the photographer/videographer to capture the footage in a unique way. We allow them to come very close to the machine, as it will not burn them or damage the cameras. In this way, 100% unforgettable recordings will be made.

Our company provides spectacular services that are brilliant accessories for every special moment.

“Wedding fireworks are the perfect addition to the first dance, because they really take you to the stars. It is worth considering and requesting the combination of Dry ice for the opening dance. This will be the most memorable wedding moment you have ever imagined! It’s really like in the movies, believe me, I just know! – Dora Film / DF Production

Sparklers for the party

“It was just amazing! From our first meeting, the expertise and competence of the team was reassuring. 1-2 accessories started our imaginations and we soared freely. 1-2 accessories started our imaginations and we soared freely. Everything happened exactly as we imagined!” – Sári & Dávid, a couple in love, husband and wife

Venue vs wedding fireworks, spark fountain

– We are not sure if our venue allows wedding fireworks. If there are restrictions, what can be done?

Some venues allow normal fireworks, while others may restrict them. In many places in our country, the use of normal fireworks is prohibited out of fear. To be safe, most venues only allow traditional hand-held sparklers. However, more and more wedding venues have heard about this new technology… You don’t have to be afraid, because we will inform you in detail about the places we haven’t visited yet! In all cases, we consult with the manager/owner to find a solution for the use of spectacular elements. If you wish, we can hold a short presentation so that you can see the greatness of our machines for yourself.

If the chosen location is declared a monument, the construction can still be done, but the administration is a bit more complicated… ?

– We haven’t come across a location where we couldn’t provide the cool spark-firework effect!

Spark fountain/cold spark machine – rental

If you need advice in connection with our cold spark machine, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help based on our existing experience. The consultation is free of charge and does not involve any obligation. Search through our contact details. If you want the spark machine together with a DJ, click here!

Give a unique experience to the senses on your wedding day with the help of our cold spark machine.
Cold Spark Machine / Wedding Fireworks / Greek Fire / Spark Fountain / Star Sprinkler Machine

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