Everything about the Spark Fountain

You can be one of the first in Hungary to order Szikraszökőkut from us!

Spark & ​​fountain in one concept? What does this mean? Our spark fountain machines create an impressive sight, and the host of guests will welcome this special flood of light with sparkling eyes and wide open eyes. The even silver and gold Greek fire effect can be adjusted up to 5 meters high, this extra sparkle illuminates the entire room and creates a breathtaking backdrop for photos and videos.
(Also known as: cold spark machine, Greek fire, sparkler machine, firework machine, wedding fireworks)

There are many fireworks available in the market, but their use is very difficult, especially for a wedding. We only use state-of-the-art sparkler machines (simulated spark fountain). It should be imagined as a huge sparkler, but without its smoke and heat. The sparks are cold, environmentally friendly and completely safe, so they can be safely used indoors without the dangers of fireworks.

“This modern wedding effect is a perfect example of when all the elements come together and MAGIC happens! The spark of true love!” – Xénia

What should you use the spark fountain for?

The spectacular firework effects they create and which can be used without the permission of the fire department are widely known:

  • Photoshoots/Filming
  • Company Party (Opening, Year-end, etc.)
  • Birthday parties
  • Festivals
  • Concerts and star performers
  • Weddings and ceremonies

We can provide the impressive show for both indoor and outdoor use, but we recommend them primarily to add color to the main program points of your wedding.

In addition to creative photography and hightlights video, mostly for these events:

  • First kissThe spark of true love!
    During the ceremony, in the background of the first conjugal kiss, the spark conjures up a scene suitable for a real movie.
  • Cake cuttingFor the sweetest moment of the wedding
    The plain candle is a thing of the past. It replaces the traditional sparkler effect.
  • Entrance (Procedure to Hall) Sparkling Fountain – Enter in style!
    Let everyone know you’ve arrived. Fireworks are placed on both sides and activated at the push of a button when you enter. Fireworks at the entrance will make your arrival even more exciting. Photos/videos can be captured in this spectacular light.
  • Opening danceThe highlight of the evening
    Usually used in the opening dance, supercharge the choreography with this unique spark fountain. In 2021, this is truly the most impressive thing you can choose as the closing scene of your opening dance!
  • Opening dance with dry iceWhen everyone is looking at you
    For those who do everything to make their wedding a truly unforgettable experience. If you want to make all your guests’ jaws drop, this is for you! The dry ice effect itself is not everyday, but when mixed with the spark fountain, the sensitization and the WoW effect are guaranteed at the same time! The first dance will remain in the memory of your guests forever. (With dry ice, you can create an atmosphere as if you were dancing on the clouds. Details here)

Do you want to book? Parallel to the booking of wedding venues, our machines are booked 1.5 years in advance. If you want to discuss the reservation process and the quantity of our rental fountain machines, ask for an offer in time. If you would like to request a personal consultation combined with an on-site visit, let us know via our contact details.

What is the difference between a spark fountain and traditional wedding fireworks?

There is a minimal difference, and it lies in the settings. To the layman’s eye, there is no real difference between the two effects.

Most of the time, our spark fountain machines are chosen for special occasions because they can be used without a permit. It does not contain any flammable or combustible material. This is not common even in today’s pyrotechnics industry, as these two things are the basic definition of fireworks. Our machines are not pyrotechnic devices, they “only” provide a simulated fireworks experience. They emit cold sparks that are non-flammable and have almost zero potential for combustion products (about the smoke of a candle produces more). The granulate used for the device (titanium zirconium alloy) is also non-explosive.

The cold spark has the advantage over normal wedding fireworks that its height and even duration can be controlled. We can adjust the launch height to the height of the location. This makes it safe to use indoors. No need to worry about the ceiling burning down. No need for a large safety zone. It can be used in all locations where traditional wedding fireworks are not feasible.

You’ve probably seen pyrotechnic cases/videos that caused fear/panic, as well as spark machines that weren’t very spectacular. These are primitive Chinese machines, which did not have the necessary launch height or the machines were not nicely/aesthetically synchronized with each other, because of this they did not give a unified view.
Forget these!

Additional advantages of the spark fountain:

  • they can be used multiple times during the night, while fireworks can only be used once.
  • they can be used multiple times during the night, while fireworks can only be used once.
  • It can also be synchronized to music with DMX control
  • Safe, touchable, yet visually exciting, just like the real thing.

Be careful when reserving the spark machine! Regardless of the fact that it is not a pyrotechnic device, only choose a company that is aware of the pyrotechnics rules. Our locations in Hungary acknowledge that the service we offer fully complies with NEAK regulations. The spark machine is the only way to use it indoors.

“It must be very expensive”

Many people think that the fireworks effect is a big burden on the wedding budget. Contrary to popular belief, our business offers competitive fireworks effects for weddings. We can confidently say that the Spectacular Opening Dance boasts the best price/value ratio in the wedding sector. We try to add color to as many weddings as possible with our spectacular additional service. We believe that modern technology is a great way to entertain and amaze people. The cost does not depend on the duration of the spark program, but rather on the number of machines and the possible distance (measured from Budapest). In addition, if you book a Wedding DJ from Rendezvény DJ, you can count on a significant discount.

“The Spectacular Opening Dance and the Event DJ together were fantastic! It was a huge success on our daughter’s 18th birthday! Many young people were so impressed by the DJ service that they wanted to know more about them. They are already looking forward to the magical 20! I wholeheartedly recommend it to others who they are looking for unique effects and professional DJ services.” – Panna

We guarantee state-of-the-art technology and safety. We pay great care and attention to special storage. We are constantly developing our equipment park, and our machines have all the necessary permits.

Included in the price:

  • Purchase of special granules
  • On-site delivery
  • Presence of 1 technician
  • Assessing the features of the event hall, setting the spark fountain effect
  • Completing the necessary papers and contracts
  • Contact with service providers

After requesting a quote, we will calculate an accurate, personalized price. You get an all-in-one service so that you no longer have to deal with this on the Big Day.

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! The event management by rDJ + LNy was brilliant! They made our wedding ceremony absolutely unforgettable. With beautiful lighting, dancing with the clouds, fireworks and a playlist of our favorite music, everyone had a fantastic time. We can’t express our gratitude enough!” – Anita

How long it takes? By loading 200 grams (one package) of granules, a special effect lasting up to 15 minutes can be produced. If you only want 5 minutes at a time, the rest of the powder stays in the box. So you are ready for the next deployment. The fireworks effect must be programmed in short bursts so that the machine cools down between uses.

We provide operating personnel for all spark fountains

We love to help you in everything, so that your Big Day is as smooth as you dreamed it would be. That’s why we provide a technical assistant for every spark machine rental. Proper maintenance and handling of machines is very important for stable operation and successful further use. Although our machines contain many built-in security protocols, their operation must be kept under maximum control. With this, we can guarantee the best effect and complete charm. The operator arrives at the site 1.5 hours earlier with the spark machine/machines and related tools and the agreed quantity of granules. He assesses the features of the location, plans where the machine/machines should be placed in order to achieve the most magical effect possible with its operation.
All our cold spark machines have contact protection and safety certificates. Regardless, we always take the safety of your guests seriously, which is why we comply with all safety regulations to the maximum. We believe in using the right machine with the right staff.

We guarantee the perfect end result and help the photographer/videographer to capture the footage in a unique way. We allow them to come very close to the machine, as it will not burn them or damage the cameras. In this way, 100% unforgettable recordings will be made.

How can a cold spark machine be even more extra?

Our company provides spectacular services that are brilliant accessories for every special moment.

We offer discounted prices for additional mood-enhancing items that can help make your dreams come true. e.g.: Dry ice, Lighting, Confetti cannons, etc.

It can be thought-provoking to purchase some mood lighting (Uplighting). They illuminate the walls, columns or any other feature of the wedding venue from below along the perimeter of the venue. A cozy color scheme adapted to the color of your decorations can surprisingly raise the atmosphere of the wedding.
Be sure to ask your photographer/videographer for their opinion and camera setup ideas. You will soon be convinced of the importance of ideal types of lighting and background lighting.

“Wedding fireworks are the perfect addition to your first dance, as they really lift you up to the stars. You might want to consider asking for the Dry Ice combination for the opening dance. It’s the most magical and memorable wedding moment. Everything you could ever imagine comes true here. It really is, like a movie.” – Dora

Dry Ice and Spark Machine for the opening dance

Cold spark machine combined with dry ice

Imagine that the dance floor suddenly turns into a cloud. The song that evokes wonderful memories in both of you plays…. You think back to the moment of your first meeting, when you were just getting to know each other… You held hands and danced together on the clouds… After your dance, we start the flow of sparks. This will be the spark of your love.

Such pairing makes the wedding even more touching, not to mention the wedding photos/videos. Our technician carefully places the spark machines, instructing the photographers and videographers, to help them in their work. We are present in close cooperation with our photographer and videographer colleagues and together we achieve the visual memories of this unrepeatable occasion dreamed up in your dreams.

“It was just amazing! From our first meeting, the expertise and competence of the team was reassuring. 1-2 accessories started our imaginations and we soared freely. 1-2 accessories started our imaginations and we soared freely. Everything happened exactly as we imagined!” – Sári & Dávid

Venue vs. Wedding Fireworks

– We are not sure if our venue allows wedding fireworks. If there are restrictions, what can be done?

Some venues allow normal fireworks, while others may restrict them. In many places in our country, the use of normal fireworks is prohibited out of fear. They are playing it safe, which is why only sparklers are allowed at several locations. However, more and more wedding venues have already heard about this new technology. You don’t have to be afraid, because we will explain in detail the places we haven’t visited yet. In all cases, we will consult with the manager/owner to find a solution for you. If necessary, we can hold a demonstration.

If the chosen location is declared a monument, the construction can still be done, but the administration is a bit more complicated… ?

– We haven’t come across a location where we couldn’t provide the cool spark-firework effect!

Spark fountain/cold spark machine – rental

If you need advice in connection with our cold spark machine, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help based on our existing experience. The consultation is free of charge and does not involve any obligation. Search through our contact details. If you want the spark machine together with a DJ, click here!

Give a unique experience to the senses on your wedding day with the help of our cold spark machine.
Cold Spark Machine / Wedding Fireworks / Greek Fire / Spark Fountain / Star Sprinkler Machine

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Pictures: Dóri Szenás / DóraFilm

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