Dry ice for the wedding – Dancing on the clouds

Dry ice for the wedding!
It provides a magical atmosphere and a fairy-tale effect for the wedding opening dance. (The dance party takes place after the dinner. This is always opened by you, the wedding couple – that’s why we call it the opening dance. It has a symbolic and enchanting mystique. Here you introduce yourself as husband and wife to your wedding party. These will be your first “steps” together ” in common life.)

Spectators include family members and best friends. It can be a fantastic feeling when everything goes well. There should be no mistakes here, everything should be perfect! We can contribute to this by using dry ice cooled to -79 °C to create a low-lying fog cloud for this dance. It’s an incredibly simple, yet great physical process that will leave the “WoW” effect guaranteed to be written on your guests’ faces. You have already seen the same effect on the stage of the X-Faktor, Sztárban-stár or Show concerts.

“I’m sure we all want our own wedding to be unique and fun. The most special moment is the bride and groom’s first dance. That’s why we decided to rent a dry ice machine for our wedding.”Vivien

Every wedding is different, but there is something in which they are almost without exception similar to each other! The common point is to be found in future husbands, namely that they usually nod to this unusual accessory without exception. They do this in the hope that the cloud will cover them from “both left feet” to the top of their heads at the same time, and thus their eventual stumbling during the opening dance will be less spectacular… 🙂

Proposal! By 2021, the opening dance will not only consist of slow music or a traditional waltz, but clownish dances performed in different musical styles that the couple likes, which can also be a surprise dance.

“The beauty of that image of the bride and the groom, in all its delicacy, gliding above a white cloud-like fog, has remained with me for decades” – Renáta

Dry ice for the wedding with full execution

– Leave it to a professional!

All dry ice rentals include a technical assistant. She manages and ensures the trouble-free operation of the machine. This is how we can guarantee the maximum effect and the perfect charm on the dance floor. The operator will arrive at the venue 1.5 hours before the opening dance with the dry ice machine and its accessories, as well as the agreed amount of special dry ice. The operator assesses the conditions of the location, plans where to place the machine/machines in such a way as to create the most magical effect possible. Dry ice is non-toxic and has no effect on our respiratory organs. Contrary to misconceptions, it does not cause any kind of reaction, as carbon dioxide gas is stored in a frozen/solid state and transported in a special, well-ventilated storage box. (This is because gases are released during the natural distribution of dry ice.)
To create a truly spectacular cloud effect, the right machine must be used with the right staff.

– What will actually happen?

In short: We fill the machine with tap water on site. Approx. 20 liters of water are required. The machine is connected to a 10-16 Amp power source with one/or two plugs. The heating time is approx. 1 hour. At the agreed time, dry ice at -79 degrees is mixed with water at the boiling point of 79 degrees. When ice absorbs thermal energy, it immediately transforms into a gaseous state. It sublimes without liquefying in the process. The physical reaction causes a low blanket of mist to cover the floor.
This will amaze your guests. The dry ice lies low throughout, so it does not disturb the fire alarm systems of the site. In other words, it can be used at any location without compromise. Even in listed buildings. Prior consultation is also absolutely necessary.

Do you want to book? In parallel with the booking of wedding venues, our machines are booked 1.5 years in advance. If you want to discuss the reservation process and the quantity of our rental dry ice machines, ask for an offer in time. If you would like to request a personal consultation with our operator combined with an on-site visit, let us know via our contact details. For all orders, we provide free dry ice delivery with the cooperation of Dry Ice Courier.

Dry ice is not a smoke machine

It should not be confused with the fog-imitating machines offered in certain places as “cold smoke machine” and “heavy smoke machine”, because they have an irritating effect on the respiratory organs. They can cause asthma attacks and – because they are smoke – they can set off fire alarms/smoke detectors. Although it may be attractive that the advertised machines do not require original dry ice to operate, they produce low-quality results in return. That is why we have not used smoke or fog machines for years.
The original dry ice creates a significantly more beautiful cloud and lasts longer. The Chauvet Nimbus we use is the best solution for wedding opening dances. With this machine, the fog blanket can cover an area of ​​around 3 – 7 meters. The height and duration are set based on the amount of dry ice used for the wedding, the site conditions and air movement. Dry ice does not interact with its environment. It leaves no smell or residue. Our high-quality machines are silent and keep the cloud low on the ground. There is no need to worry that dry ice will spill over the whole place, or that the cloud will rise to an unpleasant, disturbing height for the wedding party (e.g. in the face).

Be careful when booking dry ice for a wedding! Choose only a company that is competent in the use/production of dry ice pellets (frozen carbon dioxide). Real dry ice is the only way to achieve the breathtaking effect.
Our locations in Hungary acknowledge that the service we offer fully complies with NEAK regulations and Dry Ice -courier Kft. safe treatment method.

“Don’t try this at home!”

Never order/rent dry ice at home and DO NOT experiment, DO NOT try to create the smoke of the opening dance between the four walls, if you are not aware of its physical process or have not worked with dry ice before! At first glance, it looks deceptively similar to a traditional ice cube made of water, but it is nowhere near that. It can be very dangerous if you don’t know what to look out for. E.g.: Never store it in a freezer or in a closed compartment, otherwise it can quickly act as a dry ice bomb. Entrust the implementation to us, experienced professionals.
Extreme care must be taken when handling dry ice, the temperature of frozen carbon dioxide is -79 °C, which already causes burns if you handle it with your bare hands. With years of experience, even we put on special gloves every single time.

“We were delighted that you sent a professional operator to handle the lighting and dry ice. It meant we didn’t have a headache and could focus on having a good time. We’ve heard some horror stories from other brides who have had fire alarms go off due to the smoke machine and several guests also coughed from the amount of smoke. The dry ice guys reassured us that this alternative was a completely different technical effect. The pure white fog stayed low on the dance floor and lasted until the end of our dance. We felt very lucky to be able to enjoy this special moment. Such it was as if we were suddenly in a theater. It was important for us to offer something magical and spectacular to all our family members and friends who honored us by coming and participating in our wedding.” – Andi & Gábor

With a photographer’s eye

Everything for the perfect wedding photos!

It will not only dazzle the guests at that moment, but it will also be there in the photos for an eternity. According to a 2018 survey, couples most often choose their absolute favorite wedding photo from the moments of their first dance.

Everyone in the wedding industry is familiar with “dancing on the clouds”. It adds an extra touch of romance to one of the most important wedding events, when you first take the stage as husband and wife.

The party cannot begin without an opening dance. After the first dance is announced, the last official photo of the day will be captured. You can be sure that your guests will also take out their cameras. The dance floor will be officially open for the evening. The excitement level will be at its peak!

If you still have no idea how and to what music you will dance and you feel that you need a little inspiration for the perfect Opening Dance music, then click and see what we think are the most popular music in 2021.

What could be more spectacular?

The style of the dance you choose will decide whether the photo falls into the “clown” or “romantic” category, but the environment of the location will also be important, so it might be worth considering purchasing some Uplighting. These illuminate walls, pillars or any other feature of the wedding venue from below along the perimeter of the venue. It can surprisingly raise the atmosphere of the venue and the dance floor.
Be sure to ask your photographer for their opinion and camera setup ideas. They will soon convince you of the importance of proper lighting and background lighting.

Amber Bride Dry ice smoke for the wedding

Colorful cloud! It is worth lighting the spreading smoke, it will have a very nice foreboding effect. When using dry ice for a wedding, most couples prefer the natural white cloudy effect, however, if you use wireless uplighting (you can also request one from the mood lighting), you can use it to highlight the white color or – even with the color of the decoration – to color the “smoke” of the opening dance. “.

At the end of the opening dance, during the bow, one or two confetti cannons or the indoor spark machine can have a very spectacular effect. With these you can really put the point on the i!

Dry ice is heavier than air and always stays below the knee to create the fairytale effect before naturally dissipating. It doesn’t go up high, so it doesn’t reflect the light of the flash and doesn’t spoil the pictures. We definitely do not recommend a smoke machine for weddings, but we definitely recommend the new technology water-based hazer machine so that the rays of light can be drawn out beautifully.

Working closely with photographer and videographer colleagues, we will achieve the visual memories of this unusual event in your dreams together.

A unique experience!

“We were very happy that it all fit into the evening. I loved it when my mother shared with me that it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen in her life.” – Anna

“Another reason why we decided to dance on the clouds was because we were thinking about the future and we definitely wanted to have a spectacular wedding video to look back on. It will be an eternal memory. I personally have seen too many wedding videos where the venue is empty, it looked barren and the whole thing became sad. So the tears flowed and the videographers recorded it all on camera. It was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding together.” – Karcsi

Dry ice for a wedding – Final word!

Create a unique visual display, a dreamlike cloud effect!
Break the usual wedding dances and be part of a stunningly unique effect that you will remember forever!
Dance above the clouds and turn this special moment into an enchanting fairy tale in one fell swoop. This exciting effect dazzles the guests at every event without exception. Whether it’s an opening dance, a cake cutting, or a company event. The dancing on the clouds effect makes unrepeatable moments special.

The opening dance is incomplete without the cloud. The amazing effect will encourage even the most timid guests to take part in this unique experience.

“It will be too late to look back on your wedding day and wish I had done things differently! Your wedding is coming and you will be the center of attention of all your friends and relatives! The highlight of the evening is coming. Don’t be afraid to shine. It was pure magic and a divine feeling to walk on clouds. The cloud, the music and the touching atmosphere made us feel like fairy queens and princes for a few minutes! As I write, I still feel this tingling sensation…” – Gábor

Dry ice for the wedding – rental

If you need advice on your first dance or if you have any questions about our rental dry ice machine, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help based on our existing experience. The consultation is free of charge and does not involve any obligation. Search through our contact details. If you want dry ice together with a DJ, click here!
Dry Ice for a Wedding / Dance on the Clouds / Heavy Smoke / Fog Machine / Opening Dance Smoke

Szikragép és Szárazjég Amber Bride-ban

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Pictures: Dóri Szenás / DóraFilm

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