Do I need lighting for my wedding?

Let’s walk the path of light!

A lifeless dance floor without colors typically means a lifeless party. The exciting light effects, color transitions, laser-laser-stoboscope combinations can liven up the entire room. Thanks to the variety of plays, it is much easier to lure the guests to the dance floor for an endless party.

Guests’ first impression will be upon entering the venue. And your most partying and best memories will be linked to the dance floor. They will spend most of their time here until dawn. It is worth dealing with lighting technology for decor and entertainment. The elegant lighting creates an intimate basic atmosphere, creates a great first impression upon arrival at the venue, and can also be used to indicate the theme of the wedding. The coloring of the dance floor, the combined movement of sound and light (synchronization), and the alternation of light effects suitable for a film change the atmosphere explosively and make people dance. That’s when you will feel the most that “YES, it was worth the extra cost”. The icing on the cake is when your guests call you the next day to tell you how much fun they had.

At weddings, DJs (and serious bands as well) provide lighting elements more and more often.

So yes, there is a need. Rather, the question is what?

Let’s take a closer look at what not to do first!

What to beware of: Special effect/lighting equipment bought in Hyper/Super Markets or offered by vendors in Chinese markets. To this day, you can often see that musicians use a lot of these. These are inappropriate for the wedding.
I don’t think for a second that the “scam” is intentional. Often the DJ does not even know that something is wrong with them, since her job is to provide musical entertainment and create a festive and exciting atmosphere for the engaged couple and their guests. Bad lighting on the dance floor can mean not only that there is no light, but that there is light at the wrong time. They are not controllable, so if you want them to not move randomly, which may not be desirable during an opening dance and during various thematic dances/events (e.g.: cake cutting, bouquet throwing, speeches). Believe me, it will not only cause you a headache, but also teach your photographer a lesson.

“Fotósként nagy hangsúlyt fektetek arra, hogy a legszebb pillanatokban a legjobb képeket készítsem az esküvőkről. Munkám gyakran meg van nehezítve a kategória legveszélyesebb eszközétől, a zöld-piros pöttyös lézervilágítástól. Ezek sok bosszúságot okoznak, mikor egyesével kell retusáljam az arcokról. Általában nem is vállalnám az olyan felkéréseket, ahol ilyen és ehhez hasonló fények vannak, hiszen nem egy Sony kamerám ment már tönkre a lézerfény okozta szenzor kiégés miatt. Sajnos nem mindig szólnak erről a megrendelőnek, így utólag én is csak a helyszínen értesülök róla. A másik a “búcsús fények” sokszínű világítása. Ezeknek köszönhetően a képen is jól látható élénk színű foltok generálódnak az arcon és a ruhákon. Ezek semmilyen szempontból nem tűnnek vonzónak és nem létezik olyan fényképezőbeállítás, amivel ez maradéktalanul eltüntethető lenne. Tudom, hogy a megfelelő minőségű fényjátékok elősegítik a buli hangulatát, de jól meg kell választani őket. Léteznek olyan modern ledes fények, amik nagyobb fénysugarakat (spot, wash) képesek kirajzolni. Ha ilyennel találkozom, akkor sokszor előfordul az, hogy a DJ-vel együttműködve kérem a lámpák mozgásának vagy beesési szögének megváltoztatását. Ezek már koránt sem olyan szörnyűek, sőt szívből ajánlom használatukat. Igazán izgalmas és varázslatos beállítású képek készíthetőek velük és a buli hangulatát is maximalizálják” – Szénás Dóra – DóraFilm / www.dorafilm.hu

We only install modern lighting technology for weddings. This is the only way to ensure a high standard.

In all cases, we coordinate with the photographer, videographer, and master of ceremonies to get the most out of your event together. If we do not build the lighting technology, our suggestion is: “See for yourself!” In other words, ask your DJ to show you the types of lighting used. Let me assess the options even during a site visit. Design and run a test. This way you get a much more comprehensive picture of the possibilities. If she doesn’t show it, find someone else.

At the chosen location, she says it is unnecessary, because they have lighting technology.

If your wedding venue offers lighting, these are usually set to a handful of pre-programmed colors and stay that way…all night…even as guests dance. The static (alternating, but not dynamic because of its monotony) light takes away the energy from the dance floor. We, on the other hand, can start different programs (colors, patterns, movements, device choices) when the party starts, and then change them at the press of a button. For example, we can set a single-colored light for the entire venue in accordance with the next event. We run lighting effects in real-time according to the speed and energy level of the music (stops, drops, etc.). The point is that the control is in our hands, so we can adapt to the wedding scenario. Believe me: “It’s worth the extra money”

Let’s review the different types of lighting

1. Modern mood lighting (uplighting)

They can fit in perfectly with the decoration. Thanks to the magic of LED lighting and DMX control, the lights can be fine-tuned to millions of color variations, including your chosen decor color. It is worth asking for a lot of wireless, so that there are no ugly cables and possible tripping. Nothing is more sterile than a clean, monochromatic wall. Look at the Before-After pictures.

2. Intelligent Robot lights, stroboscope, laser, hazer

Smart lighting has only been around for a few years, but it’s already gaining huge popularity. The smart lights can connect to and communicate with other DJs, decor and dance floor lighting at the event. Robot lights can move in a 360-degree circle (they can focus on the entire room or only on certain parts of it). Every second of the wedding can be colored. Step into the spotlight during the opening dance, then let the dance floor go dark and let the moving and exciting light shows come, which the guests would rather come to. Check them out for yourself!

Lighting technology for the wedding, wedding cake lighting
Example: With our intelligent robot lights, special lighting can be set for the sweetest moment of the evening, the wedding cake.

3. Name projection

Ask for your own graphics/inscriptions, the monogram of your names, even in an animated version. With this, you can really put your stamp on this special day. Draw on the walls without getting into trouble. The computer-generated “works of art” can be completely customized to your needs with virtually endless combinations of fonts and messages. The light of the monogram can be projected on a wall or in the middle of the dance floor. Take a look at how it looks in real life!

4. Dance floor lighting

If you can’t afford serious lighting, this can be a cheaper alternative. Most DJs offer 5 or 6 different lighting effects, including the classic disco ball option for slow dances.

Which one of these?

All of them! Think about it! We can greatly contribute to the musical taste of the guests with various light effects. If it’s a younger team, maybe a few more “club-style” effects will create the right atmosphere (Robot lights – Scanners/Rollers). If there’s a rock band, they’ll use orchestra-style lighting rather than strobe lighting, but with lots of smoke? (we use Hézer for this) An older “disco” crowd might appreciate the disco ball, the aforementioned retro spot light, but you can’t go wrong with a laser.

Since there is almost never a wedding where everyone typically has the same musical attitude (even luckily, it would be boring), so we usually install all the technical devices mentioned above and, depending on the mood of the party, we change the light show to the style of the music with our controller, in some cases our lighting technician with the help of Not to mention the special effects, such as Dry Ice or Spark Machine

When do you NOT need lighting technology for a wedding?

  • If your wedding will take place during the day under the open sky or in a panoramic room surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ll have a mini-wedding on a bright summer day, ending at sunset at 9 p.m. In such a case, a light show will not really be a big explosion.
  • If you hold your wedding on top of a skyscraper, the best light show in Budapest will be at your feet.
  • If your venue has fixed lighting that cannot be turned off/dimmed, you are unfortunately out of luck. Those lights have to burn all night, and wedding lighting would be an unnecessary waste of money.
  • Finally, if your wedding venue has dark walls. In this case, we will be able to take advantage of mood lighting. It is not completely unsolvable, but it is definitely preferable if we are facing white or light walls.

If you need advice on your first dance or if you have any questions about our rental dry ice machine, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help based on our existing experience. The consultation is free of charge and does not involve any obligation. Search through our contact details.

Give a unique experience to the senses on your wedding day with the help of our cold spark machine.
Cold Spark Machine / Wedding Fireworks / Greek Fire / Spark Fountain / Star Sprinkler Machine

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Pictures: Dóri Szenás / DóraFilm

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