DJ FEREE – a hollow-eared rider in the saddle!

Music throbs in his veins, a record player and a mixing console “grew” out of his arm. While we are having fun, he is working, but of course he doesn’t mind this at all, since his work is his life. In a fun interview, we talked about the beginnings, the profession and the night in Budapest with Dj Feree, the up-and-coming and talented disc jockey of Budapest club music.

Where did your music start, how did you get involved in this field?

Thanks to an interesting and funny coincidence. Years ago, when I was still in school, the school’s radio DJ left the main part of his equipment, his records, at home. I was able to provide a rescue solution right away, since I always had it at hand – how surprising! (laughs) The drop-in was a success, I remained a permanent “guest” and we managed to create a popular/successful program that was listened to. Later, there was also a case where during our holiday in Bulgaria, a group of compatriots asked the manager of the local nightclub to allow us to the counter, which was done by popular demand. I think the audience must have liked the product, because they were invited to the closing party in the end!

What motivates someone to become a DJ? As a result of a favorite musical trend, did you feel that the role of “simple audience” was not enough for you?

The initial songs that got me hooked on music were ATB and Sterbinszky, still played from tapes. These melodies hit my ears like a lightning strike, and I couldn’t and didn’t want to get rid of the style anymore! Ezek után csakis a lehetőségeket kerestem arra, hogy képezzem magam, és valóra váltsam az álmom: lemezlovas lehessek.

DJ Feree in sapes

Thank heaven, even if slowly, it is all taking shape, and the efforts are crowned with success. As an official, registered DJ with documents, I stand over the mixing desk – I would like to note that there is a narrow group of people who work in this way within a regular framework. We hope that over time we will see progress in this as well!

How do you usually start a night out, how is it even possible to prepare for an evening? How do disc jockeys “train”?

Constant practice is part of my everyday life, and I spend a significant part of my time doing it. Days before a particular party, I go over the night in my head, according to the particular trend. You can only be authentic in the eyes of people if you are prepared and up-to-date. In this fast-paced and extra-productive music world, this is not an easy task, but I try to put myself out there and always give my best!

I’m actually trying to stick to the styles I like to play the most: EDM, House, Deep and Techhouse. My favorites are older music with modern instrumentation: I call this genre Modern Retro – and I try to create something lasting in it!

What are your experiences of the musical tastes of people relaxing at night in Budapest? Do you get a lot of special requests?

DJ Feree is the burnt out ex-hound

Sometimes funny cases happen, I do it, the client asks me to fill an evening with a certain genre, and then the people who want to have fun override everything on the spot – a similar thing happened to me recently during a company event. In such cases, the aforementioned preparation is important, but improvisational skills are at least as important. Over the years, I feel that this has developed in me, thanks to the frequent exclamations of “Hey, DJ, please play for us…”! (smile)

What are you most proud of in your career so far and what heights do you want to reach?

I am most proud – if I may say so – of the invitations I have received so far, I think that perhaps these are true feedback on how I do my job. I consider it a special thing to be invited to weddings, because it also represents a higher level within the profession.

It would be difficult to single out a few of my performances, my goal is to get to the most serious clubs. I hope that soon you will be able to meet me in Budapest’s biggest nightclubs and listen to my music! In the framework of a recent project that has just started, I joined a producer couple, in my opinion, the company has a really serious entertainment potential – we are working to make sure you hear a lot more about us!

God gives DJ Feree

Also, last but not least, I would like to tell you that I also make my own mixes, one of which we recorded live will soon surpass 600,000 views.. All this is very honorable for me!

Apart from Budapest, where else can the dignitary see and hear you?

I can actually appear anywhere, I am mobile, with my own equipment that can be set up anywhere within an hour. I like these jobs the most, and I’m happy to go anywhere if they call me! Among my desires is to go abroad on a regular basis, to perform, and there is a good chance for this within the framework of an organization that is now being formed!

But for now, if you don’t make me angry, I wouldn’t shoot the joke! (smile)

What kind of music do you listen to as a private person, at home, in the car, or on public transport?

As strange as it sounds, I listen to music almost exclusively for tuning in and learning. The reason is simple, unfortunately I don’t have time physically to enjoy the concrete art. In my little free time, the silence really fills me up, so that I can enjoy the requests myself by spinning and spinning during the parties!

True happiness for me is still seeing smiles on faces. The best thing that music can give is the liberated joy, which I experience again and again during my work! Dry ice for the wedding? Check out these pictures:

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Finally, what entertainment venues and parties would you recommend to our readers, with a good heart and professional eye?

True happiness for me is still seeing smiles on faces. The best thing that music can give is the liberated joy, which I experience again and again during my work!

But if you don’t like compromises, then I would just say jokingly: I recommend myself! (wink)

I think it’s worth 2 shares, but you only have to press 1 and I’ll double it. Thank you! 😉
Pictures: Dóri Szenás / DóraFilm

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Tóth Krisztián Márk

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